Here’s what you need to know about health insurance BEFORE you get sick


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Health Insurance Before Get Sick

It’s a great idea to have health insurance but there are a few things you need to know and understand before you need to use it.

Before you get sick, we want to make sure you have all the information you need. This way you avoid any nasty surprises AND you’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of your policy. 

When you’re healthy, you don’t think much about your insurance. You know you have it and it’s a safety net you can fall back on when you need it most.

The thing is though, whether you have the flu or something more serious, there are a couple of things about your health insurance you need to know before anything happens.    

What you need to know about health insurance before you get sick

1. Understand your policy

When you look back on some of our other blogs - we say this a lot. But it’s so important. Your health insurance policy outlines absolutely everything you need to know, there are no hidden details.

Your policy will tell you exactly what you are covered for and for how much. By understanding your policy really well, when the time comes that you do need your health insurance, you’ll know exactly what protection you have and what you have access to.

But don’t stress if you feel overwhelmed by your policy documents, you can give our team a call any time and we’d gladly explain anything you’re unsure about.

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2. Plan for any out of pocket expenses

Health insurance with Oneplan is always comprehensive, no matter what policy you choose. 

However, as much as we would like to ensure you are fully covered for every single thing, it’s not always possible. This is why it’s a great idea to anticipate that in certain situations you may need to pay a portion of your bills. 

The amount that may not be covered is largely dependent on the type of policy you have so as we mentioned above, make sure you understand your policy.

3. Know who you can see

This is an important one, some insurers will only cover certain doctors and specialists within their network.  

Luckily, when you’re part of the Oneplan family, this isn't something you need to worry about. You can go to any doctor you choose, as long as they’re a registered medical practitioner in South Africa.  

Make sure you do your research and find someone who you’re comfortable with and who has your best interests at heart.

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4. Understand how you get reimbursed 

The last thing you need to worry about is money when your health needs to be a priority. Some health insurers reimburse you after you have made your claim and have already gone through the medical treatment.

This can mean that you aren’t always sure how much you’ll get back which can be super stressful.

We like to do things a little differently. When we can (and according to the t’s and c’s anbd benefits of your policy), we try to ensure your claim is reimbursed before you see your doctor. Simply submit your claim on the Oneplan App and once it’s processed, the funds will be sent directly to your OneCard. Now you know exactly how much you’re covered for AND you don’t have to worry about trying to pay upfront when you may not have the funds.

5. Love the Oneplan App

The Oneplan App will become your best friend! Make sure you use it and become familiar with how everything works.

You’ll have easy access to all the insurance information you need in one place. You can view your policy, and the benefits you have and submit all your claims. The app will also list all of your previous claims and health care visits should you ever need to go back and check. 

The app is also a fabulous place to connect with us if you have any burning questions!

You may be healthy now and secure with the health insurance you have but you never know what might happen. Our job is to make sure you’re protected and have access to the health care you need and that’s exactly what we’re here to do!


Yours in quality and affordable health insurance,


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