3 Reasons to choose Oneplan health insurance (hint: we do things a little differently!)


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Reasons to Choose Oneplan Health

There are many health insurers on the market right now, most of them claim they have the best insurance on offer. Well… We don’t like to say our health insurance is the best, we like to show you. Keep reading to find out exactly why you should choose Oneplan health insurance.

Health insurance is just one of those things that many don’t want to pay for every month. With living expenses increasing, it’s getting more and more difficult to fork out more cash. Health insurance is one monthly expense that we highly recommend never getting rid of.

And we can recommend an insurer that puts not only your health needs first but your budget too!

We’ve picked our top 3 reasons why you should choose Oneplan’s health insurance, take a look.

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Why you should choose health insurance with Oneplan

1. Get paid before you see the doctor

There’s nothing worse than paying upfront when visiting the doctor and then waiting for aaaages to see the money returned by your health insurer. We’ve been on both sides of the story and honestly, that just doesn’t work for us. 

We’ve changed things up a bit and pay you BEFORE you go to the doctor. And, we’ve made the process so simple.

Once you’re part of the Oneplan family, you get sent a Onecard. This magic little card is similar to a bank debit card and you’ll use this card to help pay for all the medical procedures covered by your policy.

Simply use the Oneplan App and submit the claim before you go to the doctor. Once we’ve received your claim, we’ll send the funds to your Onecard.

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2. We don’t have a list of prescribed doctors

Your relationship with your doctor is important and why should you be forced to change simply because of your health insurance?

We understand that it can take time to find a doctor that you’re comfortable with. One that doesn’t make awkward jokes or one that actually listens to what you’re experiencing. We’d hate for you to have to go through a prescribed list of doctors and Google the names to figure out who you should go to.

Thank goodness that you don’t need to do that with us. You can fully relax knowing that Oneplan will never make you change your doctor. You can go to any doctor of your choice as long as they are a licenced practitioner in South Africa.

3. Digital is the future and we get that

There’s an app for pretty much anything and everything these days and your insurance should be no different. Our Oneplan App is a simple and user-friendly way for you to manage your insurance claims.

Insurance should be easy without the stress of paperwork or worrying about what’s covered by your policy.

Almost anything and everything you want to do can be handled seamlessly online. Whether you’d like to request a quote, sign up or upload a claim, you can handle it all from the palm of your hand.

You can even add new members to your health insurance plan using the app! All it takes is 2 steps.

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Bonus reason: Our plans

We offer 4 different health insurance options. Each option is tailored to different needs and budgets so you can easily find a policy that suits you just right.

Our plans consist of the following:

  • Core plan: Starting from R 420 per month
  • Blue plan: Starting from R 830 per month
  • Professional plan: Starting from R1 115  per month
  • Executive plan: starting from R1 465  per month

Each plan has different items that are covered at various amounts. You can have a more detailed look at our plans here. Keep in mind that these prices are subject to the date on which this article was written.

If you’re completely new to health insurance, we’ve written a blog on the key differences between medical aid, health insurance and hospital plans, give it a read.

Our takeaway

With so many health insurers out there, it can be daunting and maybe even a little frustrating to find the right for you. We suggest that you do as much research as possible, ask all the relevant questions and don’t settle simply because a policy seems ‘cheaper’.

Sometimes, the cheaper policies will have you paying way more in the long run. You need a health insurer that puts you and your needs first.

Reach out to us if you’d like to chat.


Yours in health insurance that truly cares,


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