Why Rest Matters and How It Impacts Your Life: Plus 10 Sleep Apps to Download for a Better Night's Rest


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Why Rest Matters

If you struggle to fall asleep or don't get enough hours of rest, then you need to read this blog. You especially don't want to miss our sleep app suggestions!

Rest – an essential not a luxury

In today’s fast-paced world, we oftentimes praise people who seem busy all the time. It’s as if you get a badge of honour the busier you are. But the truth is that your overpacked to-do list is destroying your health. Taking a break and resting is not a luxury or a reward. Rest is an essential part of holistic health.

And so, if you aren’t getting at least 8 hours of sleep a day or you feel even slightly overworked, then consider this blog a sign that you owe yourself rest!

What rest does to the body

Sleeping is a lot more than just catching a few extra z’s at the end of the day. Getting some peaceful shut-eye positively influences your overall health and wellbeing. Healthy sleep allows your mind and body to effectively recharge and helps activate important bodily functions. Here are a few reasons why you need to prioritise sleep:

  1. Boosts your immune systems
  2. Improves your mood
  3. Strengthens your heart
  4. Helps brain functionality
  5. Increases concentration and productivity

How to get ready for bed

Sometimes after having a busy or stressful day, falling asleep can feel like a trying task, but that’s okay, all you need is a proper bedtime routine. By establishing a pattern, you will help your body get into a relaxed mood; helping you fall asleep quicker.

Here are a few suggestions for your night-time routine:

  1. Turn off all of your electronics for the night
  2. Avoid consuming stimulants like caffeine and nicotine
  3. Take a hot shower or bath
  4. Sleep in a dark and comfortable space
  5. Try to head to bed at the same time every day.
  6. BONUS point: download a sleep app – this is very very important!

The best sleep apps to download


This app continues to be one of the highest-rated apps over the last year and it's easy to see why. You can choose between different types of guided meditation, sleep stories and breathing exercises. This app essentially has a variety of body and mind exercises that will help you create the perfect wind-down routine.


Have you ever been curious about the biology behind your sleeping? Well then, Rise is the app for you! Rise basically uses all of the data from your phone or tech watch to help you calculate your sleeping needs. From assessing your rest moments to how your energy levels dip and increase, it will help you calculate your personalised sleep cycle based on your movements.


Have you ever wondered if you are ever getting any proper rest? Wonder no more because the Pillow app has come to your rescue. This app is essentially your own sleep tracker. What it does is carefully analyse the quantity and quality of sleep that you’re getting every night. This will help you explore your sleep patterns, wake cycles and track your overall mood when you wake up.

Relax Melodies

If you are a light sleeper then we highly recommend downloading Relax Melodies. This app creates custom sounds that help encourage deep sleep. You will easily be able to drift off to sleep with over 150 soothing sound options. They also range from ASMR to white noise and mother nature – whatever helps you get to bed quickest!


If you are able to fall asleep but you struggle to do so at a reasonable hour, then you might want to consider getting SleepTown. This quirky little sleep app helps you stay off of your phone (a stimulant that actually keeps you awake) by rewarding you for keeping away from your electronics.

Basically, the more hours you aren’t on your phone, the quicker it is able to build an amazing building on your phone that will be complete once you wake up. This means you wake up to a fun surprise that will have you feeling upbeat and motivated.


If you tend to feel a little anxious before you head to bed, with too many thoughts keeping you up, then you are in need of the Noisli app. This app helps relieve anxiety and stress by providing you with a number of calming soundscapes that will help lower your heart rate.

These high-quality ambient noises range from rain to the ocean and a slight breeze, all of the things that will help you feel more at ease and ready for a good night’s rest!

The truth is that both your body and mind require high-quality sleep every single day. It is the least you can do for your body since it helps you throughout the day. Do something in return and prioritise your overall health and wellbeing by prioritising rest today!


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