3 Ways That Pet Insurance Makes You a Superhero


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Pet Insurance Superhero

Pet insurance is one of the most unique assets that you can have as a pet owner because it gives you super cool superpowers. Here are 3 ways to use pet insurance like a total pro and claim your way to save the day!

If you have tapped on this blog, it’s pretty safe to assume that you are already aware of the power that pet insurance has. Instead, you are just trying to figure out how best to tap into all of its incredible benefits. Well, worry not because we have created the ultimate cheat sheet that will have you using pet insurance like a total pro!

Power at your fingertips

There are so many reasons why every single pet owner should take our comprehensive pet insurance. However, one of our favourite perks is the fact that it is so easy to access incredible benefits. The reality is that you and your furbaby deserve the very best and now you have access to it – in a matter of minutes!

Not to brag but this is particularly true with our Oneplan team! Every single element involved with our pet policies has been designed with you (and your pet) in mind. We want you to have the best experience yet with exceptional access to all of the things you need to ensure that your pet lives a happy and healthy life.

Better yet, we don’t just give you life-changing benefits. We give you superpowers! Yes, you read that correctly. You are given superpowers that help you protect your pet more than the average pet owner who has yet to join the Oneplan family.

And we’ve got all the proof you need because not all superheroes wear capes…but they do advocate for Oneplan pet insurance.

Superpower #1: The Onecard

Most pet parents are forced to pay for their pet’s veterinarian bills and then have to claim back from their pet insurer in order to get reimbursed. But what happens when you don’t have the money to pay that bill on the spot?

See, we don’t even want to entertain that thought because we don’t believe that a lack of money should be the reason why your pet doesn’t receive medical help. So, to help you out in moments where money is a little tight, we have granted you access to superpower number one – The Onecard.

This incredible piece of hard plastic is genuinely one of our best creations as it is the ultimate solution to unpredictable treatment’ costs for your pet. Basically, your Onecard acts as your own personal debit card. All you’d have to do is let us know that you’ll be heading to the vet, and we will load funds onto your card for you. This means you can rest assured that your pet will get the help that they need…and you won’t have to swipe your credit card either.

Superpower #2: Access to any vet of your choosing

Real power starts when you are able to decide who will take care of your much-loved pet. Yes, unlike most insurance policies that keep you bound to a list of network veterinarians; we like to do things a little differently. We want to give you the power of choice. It’s all in your hands. You can decide on your pet’s family vet and opt for someone that knows your furbaby and their medical history.

The idea here is that we want you to choose a medical practitioner that you know and trust. Whenever your pet is going in for a general check-up or medical emergency, you want to know that they are in good hands. The only way for us to guarantee that is by allowing you to choose who you trust with your pet’s life!

Superpower 3: Reading the fine print

Okay, we admit that this may seem like a pretty hilarious superpower but just hear us out. Imagine if you were able to confidently and easily read all of the T’s and Cs of a legal contract? That would be an awesome superpower to have, especially given the fact that most people choose to ignore (or skim) that section.

But as responsible pet owners, we understand the importance of reading the fine print. In fact, a few lines in the T’s and Cs could either save your pet’s life or put their life in serious danger. It is important that you understand exactly what your policy will cover. Keep in mind that your pet’s breed, pet’s age and any pre-existing conditions will influence the price of your pet policy!

To help you get through the fine print we have scrapped all the major insurance terms and added some helpful definitions to make sure that you understand everything involved with your policy! It’s super easy to read, and most importantly, easy to understand!

Like we said earlier, not all superheros wear capes, but they do LOVE Oneplan pet insurance and it’s time that you saw why by clicking on the link to access all of your true superpowers!

Yours in jargon-free pet insurance,


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