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At Oneplan, we’re prioritising employee health so that they can help themselves, and help you.

If we have learned anything since the 26th of March 2020 (you know, the day when our lives changed forever) it is this: the mental and physical health of employees is integral to the success of any business.

What we all know all too well is that the pandemic has created a new kind of burnout. Many of us feel as though we don’t have the time or the energy to workout and eat well, let alone take out time for ourselves. When we’re not working behind a computer, we’re reading heartbreaking news, finding out about updates on vaccines, and deep diving into other covid-related stories - whether we want to or not. It’s become too much to handle, and who can blame us? We’re only human after all.

In knowing this, and in knowing how much we care about the people we work with, we wanted to give our Oneplanners the chance to improve their wellbeing. From nutritional health, mental health, and even physical health. With employee burnout on the rise on a global scale and knowing the psychological impact that has on the mental and physical health, we wanted to ensure we gave our staff the chance to take a step back, take a breath and a step into a healthier, better version of themselves.

That’s how Oneboost came about. We wanted to say thank you and show our appreciation to our Oneplan family by implementing a holistic programme that promotes health and wellness in the workspace.

Boost your health


It isn’t a secret that exercise plays a massive role in overall health. The long-term benefits are undeniable - even if you hate your trainer with every fibre of your being during your third set of burpees.

Our Oneboost Fitness programme focuses on:

  1. Heart health
  2. Strength
  3. Endurance

Our employees have access to 10 classes a day across 12 different locations at Fight Club. The facilities include group classes with Fight Club trainers. Think, bad-ass wrapped fists and high-intensity sweating before jumping in a fresh shower, getting ready for work and starting your day with a boat-load of endorphins. Sounds good, right? Trust us, it is.

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No matter what Pinterest or that latest foodie blog has you thinking, healthy eating ain't easy. Junk food has become unbelievably available and such a habit for most people that breaking the cycle takes more than just self-control. It takes being surrounded by healthy, easy options. Drum roll: The Oneboost canteen at Oneplan.

We are taking temptation out of the way by providing subsidised healthy meals for staff in our canteen. Every day, our Oneplan people can pick from a meal that has been specifically chosen for its health benefits: two choices of protein, a side of salad or veg and a starch. Our nutrition drive focuses on three things:

  1. Immune system
  2. Energy levels
  3. Wellbeing

A body fed with nutritious foods means a body that can get through the day with vooma! And check this out: If you attended at least 2 Fight Club classes a week (and why wouldn’t you?) we will subsidise the cost of your lunch meal.

(We also took away the vending machine - but we’re sure they’ll thank us in the long run)

Boost your mindset


It shouldn’t be so hard to get ahead in life. Why does it so often seem that other people know something you don’t?

With our performance initiative, we aim to help our team make smarter choices for themselves, their families and their finances.

That’s why once a month we will hold an hour-long workshop with our very own Financial Director. During this time our employees will have access to a well of knowledge surrounding life policies, budgets, saving and investing. Financial education is important to us and we know the more control you have over your money, the more secure you can feel at work.


The mindset you carry with you is directly linked to your performance at work, in relationships and in life. The global pandemic has shone a light on how companies need to be better at facilitating mental health, and our Boost Your Mindset initiative is focusing on just that. Our mindset workshops revolve around:

  1. Purpose
  2. Stress management
  3. Career success

We teamed up with a fantastic local health and wellness company, WellBe. WellBe is a group of trained coaches across the board: in fitness, food and mental health. We decided to outsource their expertise to speak with our team about things like:

  1. Cognitive reframing
  2. Understanding your character strengths
  3. Managing your mindset
  4. Building resilience
  5. How to be intentional in life and in your career
  6. Managing stress & anxiety

Lessons for Mental Health: 7 health-full habits that will last you a lifetime.

These workshops will help employees make smart decisions in their everyday life, and we can’t wait to see where this Boost journey takes us.

Remember: to make a better you, make every day count.


Yours in health-first insurance,


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