How to convince your co pet parent to invest in pet insurance


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Does your partner have a stubborn streak? Here’s how to change their mind about pet insurance.

Cohabitating can be tricky. Especially when you both have to decide where your money is going. So, if one of you is feeling apprehensive about a certain cost or monthly payment, the other needs to take time to put together some research and make a solid argument as to why it is essential. And when it comes to pet insurance, it really is.

Even if your partner is the most doting pet parent in the world, they may still believe some of the misconceptions surrounding pet insurance.

And that’s what we’re here to help you with: a solid pitch to educate your partner about the importance of pet insurance.

They say: we don’t need it!

You say:

Well, I think that the cost of veterinary care would say otherwise. Do we have extra cash lying around for if Teddy (insert your pet’s name here) eats a bird? Or if he runs into the road? I’ve done some research and a car accident could cost us anywhere between R12 000 and R20 000?

I know you don’t want to think about Teddy getting sick, but if he gets cancer we won’t be able to afford his treatment without pet insurance. We could be paying as much as R78 000 for lump removals, chemo and radiation. I know we don’t have the money to do that, and I want to make sure our baby has the best chance of recovery should he get sick.

We advise you to show them this blog on the 9 most common pet insurance claims (and what you could be paying without cover).

They say: it’s too expensive.

You say:

I looked into a pet insurance company called Oneplan and I think we can definitely afford to add one of their plans into our monthly budget. Their Classic Plan would be R250 per month because we own a dog - and that gives us access to a whole array of benefits. We would have R1 500 per annum in Pet Med Savings (which is routine care) and 4 visits to the vet per year. Plus if Teddy needs to go to the hospital we would have R40 000 for each time he needs to go.

Our overall annual limit would be R48 000 - all reserved for when Teddy needs it.

Remind them that these prices are reflective of when you did your research and when this blog was published. For up to date prices, follow this link.

They say: claiming back is a nightmare.

You say:

That’s not what I’ve seen from the guys at Oneplan. I know paperwork makes you want to pull your hair out but you won’t have to do any with them! You can make claims for visits to the vet, routine care, accidents and illnesses all through the Oneplan App. Yes, all of their claims are app-based.

Once we have lodged our claim, they will load funds onto our Onecard and pay us BEFORE we see the vet.

They say: our dog is too old.

You say:

He’s only four! We still have years ahead of us and I think we should be responsible about it. I want Teddy to have adequate healthcare in his old age and the longer we wait, the more likely it is that something could go wrong and we won’t be able to afford to help him. I really don’t want to be backed into a corner and have to choose economic euthanasia because I don’t think my heart could bear it. I don’t think yours could, either.

The younger we insure him (and he is still young) the more benefits we can access as he grows. Plus, Oneplan doesn’t have a cut off date for how long they’ll insure him for. If we get him covered before he turns 11, he will be covered for the rest of his life.

They say: we’ll have to change our vet.

You say:

No, I know how much you love Dr So-and-So and how good he is with Teddy. That’s why I searched for an insurance company that wouldn’t make us change our vet. Oneplan won’t make us choose from a network of vets we don’t know. We will still be able to take Teddy to his vet and he gets the same belly rubs he loves so much!

We hope this helps you get everybody on board and heading towards excellent healthcare for your furry friend.

Yours in tail-wag-worthy pet insurance,


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