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Let’s run through the top 3 reasons that 2021 is the reason to get ahead of your health and on top of your financial security.

If we could give you access to a time machine we would pop you in and whiz you to yesterday just so you could buy health insurance because: that’s when you should have bought it! You can never get health insurance too early and you’re looking for the main reasons you should insure your health, you’ve come to the right blog!

2021 is a fresh start for a lot of people (it doesn’t matter that it’s March) and what better place to start than making sure your affairs are in order when it comes to your health or the health of you and your family?

What is health insurance?

Your health is your wealth and guess what? Some of your wealth should be going directly to insuring your health once a month.

When you join a health insurance policy, you are entering into a mutually beneficial partnership with a reputable insurance broker. There are thousands of policies out there and each of them will offer you coverage for different medical events in exchange for a monthly premium.

Health insurance is an affordable and comprehensive medical policy that gives you access to exceptional health care on top of routine care and day-to-day cover.

Who needs health insurance?

We’re invested in your health, now it’s your turn! Anybody and everybody will benefit from a health insurance plan, regardless of what stage of life they’re in. Whether you’re part of a family or planning on starting one, whether you’re young or old or rich or not-so-rich, whether you’re a student or whether you own your own company: there is an insurance policy out there for you.

The 3 reasons you need health insurance

1.   Access to private healthcare

The South African healthcare system has been under an enormous amount of pressure over the past year and a half. COVID-19 wards have been packed to capacity and healthcare workers have felt the strain of understaffed and under-equipped hospitals. Public hospitals are unfortunately underfunded and often can’t provide the most effective health care solutions when you need them.

We know two things: 1) when you’re in an accident, you want to go to a private hospital and 2) when you’re sick, you want to go to a private hospital. The third thing we know? It’s going to cost you a lot if you’re paying on your own. Private hospital fees are rarely a once-off payment and you will be expected to pay a deposit, overnight fees AND consultation fees for any doctors or specialists you see in the hospital.

You can read up more about the costs of private healthcare.

1.   Protected from the unexpected

Take it from the team who have seen it all: accidents happen. Anybody can budget for the medical expenses they can expect like routine check-ups and medications, but the real kicker comes when you need to pay for what you didn’t see coming.

When you need an emergency procedure or hospital stay, the last thing you should be losing sleep over is how you’re going to afford all the treatments you need to recover. This is where we take the reins and handle all the complicated stuff on your behalf.

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2.   Day-to-day cover

Prevention is the best medicine and when you get health insurance, you are strengthening your preventative measures. By making sure you are covered for routine care and day-to-day costs, you are being responsible and keeping tabs on your health under the guidance of a medical professional. Having comprehensive health insurance means that your day-to-day cover will also be private and fully covered, meaning you don’t have to skimp on the quality of your healthcare based on the price tag.

These are the comprehensive day-to-day benefits you could enjoy with the Oneplan Blue Plan:

  1. Doctor visits: cover for up to R375 per visit to your doctor.
  2. Scripted medication: cover for up to R170 per script.
  3. Blood tests: cover for up to R450 per event.
  4. Dentist visits: cover up to R615 per visit with a maximum of 3 visits a year.
  5. Optometrist: Up to R1100 (limited to claim this every 24 months per dependant).
  6. Pregnancy: we cover maternity care for up to R590 per visit and allow for 3 visits per pregnancy.

Please note that these prices are reflective of the date that this article was written. For up to date pricing, please follow this link.

You still have plenty of time to get protected and our team of qualified consultants can get you started.


Yours in comprehensive health insurance,


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