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Working from home and staying indoors a bit more than usual means we have a little extra time on our hands. Whilst we definitely support using your extra hours for some binge-watching madness, why not consider doing some financial and administrative housekeeping?

South Africa has seen a few economic recessions and as a country, we have always come out relatively strong. We are a resilient population and whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on our economy and health sectors, South Africans have managed to find ways to adapt and rise to the occasion.

It does feel like things are somewhat normal - or maybe that goes to show how quickly we have gotten used to this new way of life! We shouldn’t be complacent though - there are still many employees working from home and more worryingly, out of work. Whether you’re looking to shake up your routine and get out of some bad habits, save money or keep your hands busy you will be better off ticking these tasks off of your to-do list.

Using the extra time on your hands to get your ducks in a row can only benefit you in the future. Trust us, your future self will wish they could give you a squeeze.

1.   Face your budget

If you want to do yourself a massive favour, you need to face your budget. Even if you’re a student who’s just started saving receipts in their biscuit tin and especially if you’re somebody who hasn’t looked at their finances properly in years.

We know that life gets complicated - we’ve seen, heard and lived through it all. We’re humans too who have bills to pay, tyres to realign and braces to put on the agenda. The important thing is to know what money is coming in, where the money is going out and what is leftover at the end of the day. Take a little time each week to organize your figures and what has been paid, needs to be paid and what is left for emergencies and life-in-general.

Once you know this, you can make decisions about how to make the number you’re left with stretch a little further. If you want to learn more, check out our ridiculously easy tips on how to save money around the house.

2.   Call up your cell phone provider

We know phone calls make the youths anxious but just do it! Cellphone providers almost always have better deals on offer, especially if you’ve been a long-standing client. Chances are you could find something cheaper if you just pick up the phone! Find out exactly the amount you’re paying and what for and what else is on offer out there (and put it straight into your fancy budget you’re going to make)

3.   Do a refresher on your insurance policies

We do understand that not everybody has insurance on the brain but it would be a good use of your time to review your health, home and car insurance policies. If you’re already with Oneplan you’ll know we like to get to the point and skip the jargon - we’re not here to be confusing. We let you know exactly what you’re covered for and give you a whole lot of control over that cover, too.

Know what you’re insured for and how much excess you are expected to pay when you claim. This might be a time for you to see if you are with the right insurer and you could use the time to shop around for quotes.

4.   Give us an update

Or give the other insurer in your life an update. We’ll wait.

Jokes aside, update your insurer! If you’ve been working from home you may stand to lower your monthly premiums (always a score) for two reasons.

  1. Your car isn’t on the road as often and if your work parking was considered a risk factor on your policy before, this could help lower your premiums also.
  2. If you’re in the home, your insurer may just thank you by bumping down your premium. With you typing away at your house, there’s somebody around to deter burglaries and keep an eye on the general state of things. You’re more likely to spot a hazard like a burst geyser or fire and reduce the damage.

5. Cancel subscriptions you don’t need

Have you discovered you work out WAY better at home than you ever did at a gym? Cancel it. The third video streaming platform you pay for? Cancel 2. If you go over your bank statements (for your glorious budget we’re going to keep reminding you about) you’ll see where sneaky sums of money are going that seem small but make a difference being spent every four weeks.

At the end of the day, it’s about knowing the facts surrounding your financial situation no matter how out of control we all feel about it. You’ll find yourself in a calmer, more composed manner after a few deep breaths.

If you’re already with the Oneplan Family, give us a call to update us on any lifestyle changes during COVID-19 and if you aren’t, we would love to hear from you anyway.


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