How to protect the health of your loved ones without breaking the bank


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the health of your loved ones

Working to keep your loved ones safe, happy and healthy can be incredibly exhausting, draining and expensive too. So why not hand that responsibility over to us? Looking after your loved ones has never been easier… or more affordable.

We know just how far most people will go to keep their family safe and sound. It’s the late nights trying to secure more money, it’s triple-check that they’re wearing a seatbelt, and it’s worrying about their future wellbeing.

Keeping those closest to us safe is in our nature, we are built to protect but oftentimes that responsibility comes with a lot of sacrifices. Mostly financial ones! 

But here’s the thing: when you are busy trying to make sure that everyone else around you is okay, who looks after you?

We know that it is scary to think of anything happening to your family. However, as we have all come to discover over the last year: things can change in an instant! But you don’t need to make sacrifices to try and deal with these uncertainties.

You just need comprehensive life insurance.

A change in mindset

Insurance may run through our blood here at Oneplan, but we know that to anyone that isn’t in our industry, insurance can seem rather tricky to navigate. But we are here to guide you through – without all of the heavy jargon and insurance mumbling. 

It can admittedly be difficult for families to wrap their heads around adding another monthly cost to their bills. Especially in our current financial reality where money is tight. Opting for family health insurance truly is worth every single penny, and we’re ready to show you.

The current global COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of 3 crucial things:

  1. That our health is one of our greatest assets.
  2. Medical emergencies happen more often than you may think
  3. Private healthcare prices are skyrocketing

But what would you do if we told you that we have a solution that will help you with all of this? That you no longer have to dig into your savings to help protect your family?

The answer is simple and once again, is health insurance.

If you are still in need of a little more convincing, let’s look at how health insurance is going to change your life as you know it.

How family insurance will change your life

Helps fight lifestyle disease

Common illnesses such as repository problems, diabetes, heart disease and obesity are a few well-known lifestyle diseases that plague many families. Instead of waiting for a medical emergency to happen before you take your healthcare seriously, prioritise preventative care by taking out health insurance. This means catching any of these illnesses while they are easier to treat.

Keeps your family safe

Imagine living your life knowing that should anything happen to your loved ones, they are completely sorted. Well, wonder no more because by signing up for Oneplan, you are allowing your entire family to reap the benefits of comprehensive medical coverage.

Counters the pitfalls of medical aid

Medical aid is great, but it doesn’t necessarily cover everything. So, in the event that your family already has medical aid, you can use health insurance as gap cover for all of the costs that your medical aid provider will not cover. Meaning that you don’t have to break the bank forking over thousands for uncovered procedures

Helps deal with medical inflation

With the medical industry trying to forge its way through a global pandemic, the pressure really is on all of our hospitals. This naturally means that there is going to be a significant increase in the price of private healthcare. In turn, this means that they become less accessible. Unless you are a Oneplan family member because you are granted immediate access to any private healthcare facility of your choosing!

Promotes financial planning

As much as we would all like to think of our savings as the perfect safety net, the truth is that we never know whether or not the amount in your savings account will be enough. Instead of living in fear of medical debt, you can just let our team take care of it for you. Spend your money elsewhere! We’ve got this!

You get paid before you see the doctor

If you are ever feeling sick or under the weather, you should be able to access any private hospital of your choosing. A lack of funds shouldn’t be the reason that you don’t seek out necessary help. So, to avoid this exact scenario, our team will preload funds onto your exclusive Onecard BEFORE you head to your doctor so that you know that the bill is covered from the moment that you walk in.

Keeping your family safe, happy and health may be your number one priority, but it just so happens to be ours too! Let our team take care of you and your loved ones so that you can be granted the peace of mind that you deserve.

Yours in family centred health insurance,

The Oneplan Team

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