You’ve just bought health insurance, what happens next?


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Just Bought Health Insurance

Big things, small things and “everything-in-between” things!

Congratulations! You’ve made one of the best decisions a human can make: you’ve protected your health and your wallet at the very same time.

Jumping on a health insurance policy is the first step. Making the absolute most of it is the second! We’re here to run you through the important things you need to know about your Oneplan Health Insurance policy so that you can have a fantastic insurance experience.

First, we’ll talk through some terms you need to be clear on and then we’ll get into the exciting things Oneplan has to offer.

Terms to understand

Most people are deterred from getting health insurance because it all seems so complicated. The jargon and buzzwords can be easily off-putting, and we don’t like that at all.

That’s why with Oneplan, we make it our mission to make health insurance easy to understand. Whether it be through our jargon-free policy outlines, educational blogs or quick how-to videos. So let’s look at some terms you’ll definitely see in your policy, and what they mean!

Waiting periods

All insurance policies will have waiting periods whether it’s health, pet or car and household insurance.

Waiting periods are simple to understand and important to know about - because you cannot claim until they’re over.

A waiting period is the amount of time that has to pass before you are allowed to make a certain claim. For example, before you can claim for certain events, accidents or treatments. Some of the Oneplan waiting periods are as follows

●       Doctor visits - 30 days

●       Medication - 30 days

●       Radiology (X-rays) - 30 days

●       Pathology (blood tests) - 30 days

●       Dentist visits - 3 months

●       Optometry (Eye doctor) - 12 months

The last thing you want to do is claim for something that isn’t covered yet. It’s a waste of everybody’s time. It’s better to be prepared and wait it out until you’re eligible to claim!


Exclusions are everything that your policy DOES NOT cover. You should be briefed on your exclusions before you sign the dotted line, but just in case here are some exclusions that apply to Oneplan Health Insurance:

  1. Nuclear weapons, nuclear material or acts of war including military rising, rebellion or revolution (we’re sure you can give us a break on this one)
  2. Anything illegal.
  3. Cost of treatment for infertility.
  4. Cosmetic procedures.
  5. Costs, tests and examinations required for administration/application purposes.
  6. Consults or services by anybody not registered with the SA Medical and Dental Council, the SA Nursing Council or the South African Health Service Professions Board.
  7. Congenital disorders, diseases or abnormalities - these are issues that existed at birth.
  8. Any birth control procedures.
  9. Self-inflicted injuries.
  10. Cost of procedures, operations and treatments that are not medically justifiable i.e. all other avenues of traditional treatment must be explored.

It might seem like a long list but at the end of the day, we cover more things than we don’t cover.


Excess is an essential part of insurance. Whenever you make a claim, you pay an excess fee. This acts as your contribution to the claim.

But worry not, there’s a way to bust your excess when you’re a part of the Oneplan clan.

Namely, the Excess Buster. For the price of a cappuccino, you can add an Excess Buster to your health insurance. Furthermore, this applies to ALL of our fantastic policies, so you’ll never feel left out. When you add on an Excess Buster, we waive all excess fees for your claims.

Things to get excited about

Okay okay, we’re done with the technical talk! Let’s get into the fun stuff.

Try out your Onecard

When you sign up with Oneplan, you’ll get your very own Onecard sent to your door. You’re the only person who can use this card, and it’s going to change the game for visits to the doctor.

You may have heard that Oneplan pays you BEFORE you see the doctor. Maybe that was what drew you in! The Onecard is how we make the magic happen.

So now that you’ve got health insurance, you can get swiping. All you have to do is load a claim via the Oneplan App and we will send the funds to your Onecard. After your appointment, it takes a quick swipe and you’re sorted!

Routine and day-to-day care

Are you ready for fabulous routine care? Now that you’re insured with Oneplan, you’re insured for:

Bring the family along

Health insurance doesn’t have to be an individual thing. In fact, it could be the best gift you ever give your family. Oneplan makes health insurance more accessible with awesome family discounts.

If you have a significant other or you’re planning on starting a family, you should check out how you can save money with a Oneplan family discount.

Read this blog for more info on family discounts: Health insurance for the whole family (and perhaps a discount, too!)


Yours in affordable health insurance,


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