7 pawsome tricks to keep your dog quiet when working from home


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pawsome tricks to keep your dog quiet

Working from home comes with its obstacles, thankfully having your pup around won’t be one of them because we’ve rounded up our top tips to keep your dog from crashing your next conference call.

Look, who doesn’t enjoy a little doggo cameo on the Monday morning Zoom call? It’s always a much-needed distraction and additional perk of having your camera on. But then all of the cute “awws” and puppy talk subside and it’s back to work - which means you’re going to need silence.

So, if you find yourself hastily clicking the “mute” button on your video call in an attempt to hide the noise of your barking dog, then we suggest taking notes!

Be patient with your dog

While the current pandemic has definitely had its downsides, someone has definitely benefited from this quarantine period: your dog. Their favourite people in the world are now working from home, which means more quality time spent together. But working with your four-legged family member isn’t that simple, and any attempt at an important work call, with a dog that has decided to test out its barking range, is proof of this.

We know, the speed in which your dog can go from super cute to incredibly annoying is rather quick, but here’s the thing: it would be unreasonable (and a little cruel) to expect your dog to never bark. After all, it’s how they communicate. Whether it’s to alert you of an intruder, to say a friendly ‘hello’ or in an attempt to perk up your spirits, dogs are rather communicative. They really aren’t trying to wreck your meeting – you’re just going to have to see them as rather noisy housemates!

It’s also important to remember that this quarantine period has also impacted their lives too. They definitely love the extra time that they have with us, but the changes to their routine are also confusing and stressful for them. So before you go and reprimand them, be gentle and mindful of their wellbeing as they try to acclimatize as well!

Our pawfect anti-barking tips

Get rid of the blues with interactive chews

You know how sometimes just knowing that you’re getting a good cheat meal after a workout helps keep you motivated? Well, the same can be said for dogs. They can be motivated by treats too. Use this to your advantage and grab a (non-noisy) toy and fill it with their favourite treat and hand it over just before your conference call! It will help keep your doggo entertained so you can work – in silence.

Hello (outside) world

To put it simply: a tired dog is a quiet dog!

Take advantage of the warmer weather and experience the great outdoors with a little walk around your neighbourhood – and bring the little doggo with! Studies even show that taking regular walks with your dog is a great form of medicine for an anxious dog. So head on over to your nearest dog park and watch your little pooch love you fur’ever!

As a bonus, you get to sneak in a little exercise (for both of you) before work. It’s basically a win-win for everyone involved.

The dog version of “get off my lawn”

As you probably already know, dogs love to let you in on what’s going on outside. They’ll give you a little heads up if they smell anything, if someone is walking past your gate or if there is a strong gust of wind. So, if your dog is prone to barking at a squirrel, bird or passing car, try to minimize the stimuli by closing the blinds whilst on your conference call. This way your dog has less to bark about!

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Show a little love

All you really need is love!

You’ll be surprised at just how much a few gentle words and a good tummy rub can change your furry friend’s mood. Sometimes when your pup feels ignored or a little bored they seek attention. And it’s usually in the form of excessive barking… and if we’re being honest - it works!

Try to focus a few moments of your day to bonding time (try playing a few interactive games or grooming them) and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t bark back

We know, yelling back at your dog certainly helps relieve you of frustration but it is confusing to your dog. In fact, they actually will interpret this as you trying to play a game with them. Sneaky right? So, as difficult as it may be, try to ignore the barking or leave the room. Look, we aren’t saying it’s easy but it definitely works.

When he’s a good boy

As any good dog trainer will tell you: Always reinforce good behaviour! Was your furry baby able to sit through a conference call without one bark? Reward them with a little treat or cuddle session. This will help teach your dog that good behaviour reaps great rewards.

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Check up on your pet insurance

If your dog is barking a little more than usual or if you notice any changes in their behaviour or body language, make sure to see your local vet … with your official Onecard.

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The Oneplan Team

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