Is health insurance really for me?


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Is health insurance

Don’t think that health insurance is for you? Well, think again. Because insurance really is for everyone and we’re ready to prove it to you.

We have been in the insurance game for a long time. Which means that we have seen and heard it all. And even with all of the assumptions and myths, the one that continues to stick out to us is the rumour that health insurance isn’t for everyone.

Now, we might not know who started the rumour or who led you to believe this, but we thought we’d address the elephant in the room: that is a lie.

Health insurance is for EVERYONE. Everyone deserves to gain access to the best medical practitioners – regardless of who you are. So, if you think that health insurance isn’t for you, keep reading to see why it is.

A quick reality check

If there is only one thing that you take away from this blog, let it be this: You - yes you - are worthy of receiving exceptional medical attention. Whether that is simply visiting your local optometrist or dentist or even a more serious case where you need to be admitted into hospital, you deserve to feel peace of mind knowing that you are always covered.

Your health will always be our top priority. We just need to make sure that it’s yours too. Don’t wait until you’re in a medical emergency to seek out medical insurance. Protect your health and wellbeing today!

The harsh reality is that private healthcare isn’t cheap; those medical bills add up. And we aren’t saying this for dramatic effect. We’ve just seen how crippling medical debt can be and don’t ever want you to experience this. Keeping yourself happy and healthy shouldn’t bankrupt you – and with us, it won’t.

Really for me

Debunking the myth

As health insurers, we’ve either heard that health insurance isn’t for everyone or that it’s incredibly expensive. So, we have decided to take this moment (and this entire paragraph) to debunk this incessant myth too and squash the rumours because it is completely FALSE.

Health insurance is literally for everyone. Whether you’re an individual, in a family or a business owner – we have coverage for you! And it is at a price that you can afford.

Need to see a little more proof? Keep reading.

Who should be signing up for health insurance?

Okay, admittedly, the short answer to this question is: Everyone!

But if you’re still feeling a little sceptical, then this blog is definitely for you because we plan to give you a little more perspective by showing you some of the people that we cover. Now we should warn you that if you don’t see yourself slotting into any of these groups – don’t panic! We’ve still got an insurance plan for you – just tap here!

Okay, let’s get into it. Here are some of the categories of people that we cover:

If you have a family

Family life comes with a whole new set of memories, responsibilities and financial obligations. And while parenthood is an incredible journey, it is definitely not without its stresses. But we’d like to help because you shouldn’t do this alone and you don’t have to. Lean on us by allowing our team to comprehensively cover your family members. Let the medical bills be our worry! That way you know that your loved ones are always medically protected, thanks to our family-orientated plans.

Interested in finding out more about how we will cover your family members? Tap here.

If you are pregnant

We know that as an expectant mom, you will do anything in your power to keep your baby safe. And we want to help you do just that – without breaking the bank!

With Oneplan health insurance, you gain access to the best private hospitals and doctors. You also benefit from comprehensive maternity benefits that ensure that you and the little one are always in good hands.

What’s better is that we want you to be as comfortable as possible throughout your pregnancy, which is why we allow you to choose your own hospital, doctor and specialists

If you have a low income

If you have a low income or have to stick to a tight budget, we’ve got you! Even with minimal financial elasticity, you can still gain access to the best private healthcare at a price that you can afford.

It’s important to remember that we work within your budget. So, don’t panic or believe that medical coverage isn’t for you because our team will make sure that at the very least, all of your bases are covered. 

If you are a senior citizen

If you are above the age of 65, you are still eligible for our Oneplan health insurance! We ensure that the financial burdens of healthcare costs are no longer your worry. From hospital cover to doctors’ visits and day-to-day coverage, the costs of staying healthy are now our responsibility! 

If you own a company

Group health insurance is the new norm.

In light of the current pandemic, it’s no surprise that employees are now looking to their employers to provide them with some form of medical care. Employees now want to know that their company looks out for their health.

Just don’t believe the myth that group insurance will wreck your company overheads. Your finance team can have peace of mind knowing that our coverage is both affordable and flexible – meaning it is catered specifically to you and your company’s needs. 

If you are single, engaged or married with no kids

If you fall into this category this means that you can benefit from individual cover, and who better to help you with this than the Oneplan health insurance team? We will take care of all of the financial burdens that relate to your health, from dental to visual coverage and everything in between – we do it all. And within your budget!

If you are a student

As a student, we know that you aren’t too keen on the idea of parting with your money. But the reality is that you can’t sponge off of your parent’s insurance forever. Even if you consider yourself relatively healthy and active – accidents do happen. You aren’t invincible. So, it’s best to be prepared.

And don’t worry, our coverage is easy on the wallet.

As you can tell, at Oneplan we do insurance a little differently. We offer real insurance for real people and we love that we have the flexibility to cover anyone and everyone! We especially can’t wait to help cover you and officially welcome you into the Oneplan family.


Yours in affordable and comprehensive health insurance,

The Oneplan Team

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