Useful ways you can save money on car insurance: 4 expert tips


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Your car insurance shouldn’t be burning a hole in your pocket. But if it feels like your car insurance policy is draining your bank account every month, keep these 4 useful tips in mind when choosing which insurer to go with and what policy you should take. 

Choosing affordable car insurance (especially if it’s your first time) isn’t easy and it can often feel unnecessary.

What are the chances you’ll ever need it?

Trust us, the ‘it will never happen to me’ thought process can get you into a lot more trouble than it’s worth. Car insurance is always necessary so make sure you follow these simple tips to ensure you’re getting the biggest value for your money.

4 useful ways you can save money on car insurance

1. Do your research

There are hundreds of insurers out there and they all claim to have the best deal but do they really?

Spend time browsing the best car insurance quotes and read through each provider’s policies and make sure you understand what they offer. The worst is settling for the first quote you see and seeing a better deal afterwards (happens to the best of us).

It’s also a good idea to contact the insurers and ask questions, find out everything you need to know so you can weigh up your option properly.

2. Be a good driver

Sounds obvious, right? We mean, of course, you’re a good driver (we all think we are).

In order to be a good driver, you need to drive cautiously and follow all the rules of the road (yup, including the 60 km/h speed limit). Not only is this good for your safety, but it also saves you from a potential insurance premium rate increase due to accidents caused by negligent driving.

4 expert ways

3. Ask about discounts

Don’t be shy, if you don’t ask how will you know?

Most insurance companies offer a variety of benefits which include discounts. Certain companies may offer discounts for drivers with cars that have certain safety features or even those drivers who have a good driving history with few or no accidents.

Tip: with Oneplan, you have complete control over your coverage

4.  Manage your funds

We know, easier said than done. There have been plenty of times where we’ve had too much month left after our money.

By ensuring that you maintain a good credit record will help you pay less on car and truck insurance so it is important to manage your accounts and debt carefully to avoid a negative credit score in future.

That isn’t the only way to manage your funds. Something else important to keep in mind is how much you can afford. Make sure you have assessed your finances to see what makes sense to your bank account. With Oneplan, you have control over how much coverage you have. Depending on how your finances are any particular month, you can change your coverage to better suit your pocket.

Oneplan Car Insurance Policies

We know that this is a difficult time in so many ways but your car insurance is not something you should skimp on.

Take a look at why you can’t afford to NOT have car insurance.

Which is why we try to offer you the best bang for your buck (with no complicated T & Cs attached). With our adjustable vehicle cover, we aim to accommodate everyone’s financial needs while making sure you’re still sufficiently covered.

Now for those of you thinking that car insurance is just too expensive. Why do you need it right now? Because we put you in charge of your own coverage amount.

Car insurance that understands what you want

While other insurers may charge you ridiculously high premiums, we here at Oneplan do things a little differently …

We aren’t here to lock you into an expensive policy. We also don’t turn a blind eye to real-life struggles and the financial strains that some of you may be experiencing. This is why we make use of our flexible coverage system – that adjusts with you.

Insurance you can change when life changes

Whatever your situation, you can readjust how much you spend on your monthly premiums at the simple click of a button using the Oneplan App. Using the App, you can sign up to Oneplan and add any of our other helpful Oneplan products in no time. We also have an easily accessible and friendly support team that you can reach out to through an in-app chat, should you need any further assistance. Manage your policies from the palm of your hand - it's that easy.

The other good news is that, unlike many insurers who only offer third party cover,  we cover you completely. Whatever you need, we’re here to help. We cover theft, hijacking, fire, accident damage and total loss, as well as third party cover. Which means no matter what percentage of cover you choose, our insurance is ALWAYS comprehensive vehicle insurance.


If you’re looking for car insurance right now, take a look at how to validate and insure your car while you’re still in quarantine.

Oh, and did we mention you can get an auto insurance quote right now? It’s instant and online.

Yours in affordable and convenient car insurance,


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