5 things to keep in mind when going back to the office during the coronavirus pandemic


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5 things to keep in mind

Lockdown restrictions are easing up and many of us are making our way to the office - that we share with others. Even though the regulations are lifting, this is not the time to ease up on keeping yourself safe and healthy so keep these tips in mind when you head out to work.

The risk of coronavirus spreading and affecting more people is still very high. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably excited to make your way back to the office.

As much as we love our kids, we really need a lot more adult conversation back in our lives (and a lot less Spongebob). Even though getting back to work and back into the swing of things is thrilling, we need to remember all that we’ve learnt to contain the spread and make sure we don’t get sick.

These 5 simple tips will make sure you’re taking every precaution to avoid catching the virus. 

Tips to keep in mind when going back to work

1.   Ask about the safety measures in place

Before you leave the safety of your own home, make sure you ask ALL the questions. You have a right to know what health and safety measures have been put in place and your employer should be completely prepared to answer your questions.

Some questions you should ask:

  1. 1.    Do I have to go back to the office?

Working from home has been encouraged throughout many organisations and industries. If you aren’t 100% comfortable going back to a shared working space, find out if you’re able to work from home a little bit longer.

  1. 2.    Are there touchless systems in place?

Many offices require you to use your fingerprint to access the building, find out if this is still the case. If it is in place, is there sanitizer readily available to sanitize the scanner and your finger?

  1. 3.    Are the office and everyone’s work stations sanitized regularly?

It is required that your company takes extra precaution and has many measures in place to ensure your safety, regularly sanitizing the shared office should be one of them.

  1. 4.    Has social distancing been introduced in a shared space?

Shared office spaces often mean that desks or cubicles are relatively close to one another, make sure that your desks have been moved and everyone is at least 1.5 meters apart.

office during corona

2.   Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene

We know it’s exciting venturing out into the world again but don’t forget everything you’ve learnt about hygiene!

Make sure to wash your hands often (for longer than 20 seconds), avoid touching your face and mouth and keep sanitizer closeby at all times.

Find out if you’re washing your hands correctly here.

3.   Keep your health in check

Make sure you keep your immune system strong. Staying healthy is your best defence against picking nasty germs. Make sure you:

  1. Take your vitamins
  2. Eat healthy meals (even your lunches at work)

Tip: take a look at these recipes for some inspiration

  1. Stay away from work if you’re feeling ill

Take a look at how to tell the difference between the flu and coronavirus

4.   Keep your distance and avoid gathering in groups

We know you’ve missed everyone and can’t wait to catch up but make sure you don’t gather in large groups. Most importantly, ensure you keep your distance and keep more than a meter between you and your colleagues.

And definitely no hugging or handshakes.

5.   Know the frequently touched office surfaces

There are some spots at the office that get more traffic than others.

The bathroom will have lots of germs so try to refrain from touching too many surfaces and make sure you wash your hands before you leave.

The kitchen is another area that has people going in and out throughout the day. Make sure to avoid touching the countertops as much as possible and wash your hands before you go back to your desk.

And finally, door handles! Door handles are the biggest culprits for spreading germs, make sure you wipe the handles down before you touch them and sanitize your hands afterwards. 

Some of these safety measures may seem tedious and frustrating but your health and safety is a priority. Just by making a little extra effort to keep your hands clean, keep your distance and avoid touching your face, you are putting your health first. 

We hope these tips help you feel ready to head back to the office!

Keep safe and stay healthy.


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