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Oneplan's Core Plan

What happens when something goes wrong? What happens when times are a little tight and you can’t afford to see your doctor? Health insurance is often seen as expensive and more of a ‘grown-up’ necessity. But trust us when we say - students need health insurance too and we have the perfect plan for them (did we mention we even pay you before you see the doctor?).

Your age should never be a determining factor in whether you should get health insurance or not. Often when people think about health insurance, they think about crazy costs and only needing it later in life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Why healthcare matters for younger people (here’s looking at you, Mr/Miss Invincible)


Then there is the belief that health insurance is not necessary for people who are young and healthy, and we get it. But what happens when something goes wrong that you don’t see coming? Maybe you pull a muscle while playing soccer or trip up the stairs (it happens to the best of us, is it just us, or do clumsy moments strike when you least expect them?). In any case, whether you believe us or not, students need health insurance to help protect you from when things go wrong.


You might think that a trip to the doctor ain’t too bad when it comes to costs, but what happens when you break an arm? You’re looking at thousands of rands in medical bills. Of course, you could try your luck at a government hospital. Many of which are under-staffed and lack the proper funding to care for the influx of patients on a daily basis, resulting in many waiting in lines for hours to be seen by a doctor - not exactly a fun day out, right?


Students need health insurance too and there are health insurance plans that are easy on your wallet. Stay with us now, we’re going to show you.  

The bottom line of health insurance for students

Being a university or college student is exciting. A new life (often outside of your parents’ house) filled with new experiences and it can be overwhelming with so much going on but you definitely can’t let your health slip.


Did you know that young adults (aged 18 - 34)  are typically uninsured? Which means young people tend to think they are invincible when it comes to cover for the unexpected.


Studies have shown that the most common forms of illness that students suffer from include:

  1. colds & flu
  2. sleep
  3. stress
  4. stomach flu
  5. conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  6. allergies


Many of these illnesses are easily contagious and may be difficult to avoid. Living in res or in a commune where you’re in such close quarters, sleeping less due to studies, and going out to different clubs or bars can easily lead to a weaker immune system if not properly balanced with a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Although these common illnesses aren’t always severe, they can often develop into worse conditions or lead to additional ailments if left untreated. This is a very typical case for those who are uninsured because they generally receive less health care.


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The perfect health

Affordable and instant access to private healthcare

The appeal of being out of your comfort zone, your first taste of living on your own, and a new sense of freedom can easily make you forget that becoming sick is not the same when you are far away from home. Being without the care of your family when you feel weak and vulnerable can be a very difficult experience. However, with health insurance, you will have financial peace-of-mind to visit a doctor or hospital to get yourself checked out and treated without any hassle which can definitely ease the process.


You need to be confident that you will be taken care of when your family isn’t around to do it for you or help you out with anything.

What about health insurance with Oneplan?

When joining our family, you gain access to a world of superior health insurance that is uncomplicated, personal and ensures that you can tap into our various resources at the mere click of a button (you can manage your cover completely with our app).


With Oneplan,  we give you the freedom to go to a doctor of your choice. Yes, you read that correctly, no hassle of trying to figure out which doctor is in your plan. You will also be paid BEFORE your doctor's visit (with the use of your transactional debit OneCard) because we aren’t in the business of sticking you with the bill. This is especially beneficial to students because we’ve all experienced the woes of a student budget.


The bottom line is that regardless of your age, gender or race, many of us take our health for granted. It is only when we are in dire need of medical attention that we realise how important medical coverage is. Your health is invaluable and we will work to create a personalised medical insurance plan that ultimately caters to YOU, your needs and your budget.


What’s better is that we remove the stresses involved with taking out an insurance policy. We skip the jargon-heavy babble and the intimidating paperwork piles and get straight down to what matters - your health.


We design our insurance to suit you, not the other way around (it’s about time someone created insurance that was hassle-free and affordable, right?) Get in contact with our eager team of experts that are more than happy to help!

Oneplan’s Core Plan: The Perfect Plan For Students

There are many reasons as to why our Core Plan is ideal for students. The biggest reason? This plan a starting price of only R380 per month (yup, you read that right!).


The benefits of this plan include:

  1. Up to R335 to cover your General Practitioner (Doctor) visits
  2. We’ll cover up to R150 of your scripted medication
  3. You’re covered for up to 3 dental visits a year and we’ll cover up to R585 per visit
  4. If you need to see an optometrist, you’re covered for up to R1020 


Please note that these are the current prices as of May 2020, for up to date prices, head over to our plans page.


These are just a few benefits of this health plan but there are SO many more. You may think because you’re young that you’re automatically healthy but as we mentioned, you aren’t invincible so make sure you’re covered (also, your mom will definitely worry less). 

A little summary

When you join the Oneplan team, you get:

  1. Paid BEFORE you see the doctor of your choice
  2. Easy access to your premium information and policy through our Oneplan App
  3. Cover for day‐to‐day health costs and emergencies (great out of hospital benefits)
  4. Access to private healthcare when you need it most


Health insurance shouldn’t be a battle or something you don’t fully understand (that’s why we’re here).


To find out more about our health insurance plans and how much they cost, read this blog.


We’ve got you covered, every step of the way!


Yours in affordable health insurance,


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