5 ways to create a new, healthy & simple morning routine in quarantine


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5 ways to create a new

In many ways this recent lockdown period has us feeling a little … off. Thankfully, we know how to help you get back on track with these simple steps that will help you embrace a healthier lockdown morning routine.

Admittedly, both the coronavirus and this lockdown period, have absolutely flipped what we once knew our daily routines to look like. What was once a Casual Friday is now our everyday reality. This means that boredom, stress and frustration are at an all-time high.

It can, therefore, become easy to fall into a bit of a slump. Now while our futures may be a little uncertain, we here at Oneplan choose to look at what we can control – starting with our daily morning routines.

The impact of lockdown

We know that lockdown has probably left many of you with a little more time on your hands. And while we all wish we would use this time to adopt new healthy habits, for many people this “downtime” has resulted in Netflix bingeing, fewer showers and all-day pyjamas days.

But we aren’t here to judge.

We’re here to help you get out of this quarantine-induced funk. Because you are deserving of a happy, sane and healthy version of yourself. So, let’s get you to where you need to be by helping you establish a realistic and healthy morning routine.

Our 5-step guide to a happy, healthy and realistic morning routine

Wake up at a reasonable hour

We know that many would argue that being part of the 05:00 am club is important. And they wouldn’t be wrong, but we think that the success of your day is ultimately based on the quality of sleep that you had the night before. So, don’t pressure yourself to be an early riser if you aren’t.

Try to be realistic about when you get up in the morning, but don’t sleep in until the afternoon either. It’s all about striking a balance/ See it this way: waking up earlier means that you have more time in the morning for YOU.

Get out of bed in the morning

We know that we are in the middle of a seasonal change and the sudden drop in temperature has you keen to stay in bed all day. We get it – trust us. In fact, at one stage we were all excited to embrace remote-working as it meant working from bed in pyjamas all day, skipping that morning traffic and avoiding small-talk chats by the office coffee machine.

But we’ve all discovered that working from bed was all fun and games until it wasn’t.

You’ve already seen how working from bed went from thrilling to draining in just a few days. So do away with the makeshift office table (made from stacked bed pillows) and move to your dining room.

Remember it is difficult for your brain to separate rest and work when they happen in the same place. This is probably why you’re struggling to sleep at night (besides panicking about the current pandemic). Your body still thinks it needs to work when in fact it’s time for bed.

healthy & simple

Boil the kettle

It is important that you establish a morning ritual that you follow every day. We suggest starting this morning routine with a good morning cuppa. In many ways, the art of making your first cup of coffee/tea/lemon water in the morning has a rather therapeutic nature to it.

This is also an ideal time to fill up on your daily nutrients, vitamins and minerals by opting for a healthy and well-balanced breakfast. Add more fruits and veggies to that plate!

This little early morning act is also an important step as this reminds you that although much of your day will be dedicated to the kids, or your job or at-home chores – that this small step in your routine is solely just for you.

Try to do some light exercise

Before you skip over this step, we aren’t saying a full-blown workout regimen. But try to dedicate at least 20 minutes of your morning to some form of physical activity.

This will kickstart your energy levels - if your coffee hasn’t already. But most importantly improve your health from blood sugar levels, heart health to mental health, fitness really does it all.

Get dressed!

The issue with this step is that many people see “getting dressed” as putting on formal work attire. People assume that it means strapping on those heels that hurt after 2 minutes or putting on that constricting tie that you hate.

But we don’t mean that you should get dressed as if you’re heading to the office. We’re saying: Get out of your pyjamas! This will help gear your mind towards productivity! And what better way to start the day than feeling motivated?

Why your morning routine matters to us

As health insurers, it is important that we encourage all of you to follow a happy and healthy lifestyle. And that starts with nailing down a good morning routine. In fact, holistic care is a major part of what we do here at Oneplan. You see it in all of our policies, benefits and the way that we tackle health insurance.

You remain at the core of everything that we do, and in order for us to protect you, we need to make sure that you remain happy and healthy.

Many people have even said that establishing a healthy morning routine is a means of preventative care. This daily schedule actively contributes to your mental and physical well-being and give you the boost that you need.

In turn, you will be less likely to need medical attention as you continue to follow healthy lifestyle choices that protect your overall health.


As your go-to medical insurer we have seen how our healthier clients benefit more, not only in life but in how they are insured by our team. Make sure that you are a part of this group by prioritizing your health today. Your body and mind will thank you.


Yours in holistic health insurance,

The Oneplan Team

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