How Preventive Healthcare Can Save Your Life & Your Money


Jade Poole

Preventive Healthcare

When was the last time you visited your doctor just for a check-up? It turns out, preventive healthcare and routine check-ups can not only save you from expensive medical bills later on down the line, but they might just save your life. 

The state of public healthcare facilities in South Africa has resulted in a number of people turning to private institutions for better treatment and facilities. 

And this is not to say that all public clinics are in a state of disarray, but they certainly do lack the necessary funding, staff and medical equipment to function properly. And although the private healthcare facilities in South Africa are top-notch, this expert medical care comes with a hefty price tag. 

Why preventive care takes a back seat

It can be said that the reason for the nation-wide lack of preventive healthcare is due to the sheer cost of private doctor bills. And on the other hand, when dealing with public clinics, you run of the risk of waiting in line all day and not receiving the right kind of attention and treatment needed. 

Tie this into the common misconception of ‘doctors are only for sick patients’, we have formed this mindset where we do not view preventive healthcare as important to our health, whether we can afford it or not.

How to afford private healthcare 

To allow for people to afford private healthcare, we look to forms of healthcare cover like medical aid and health insurance. Health insurance is often the more affordable option and medical aid might be more comprehensive in terms of coverage amounts. Of course, this will depend on your chosen plan and healthcare cover provider. 

However, having some form of healthcare cover in place will not only allow you to afford hospital fees, but it might just encourage regular routine care visits and check-ups. 

In knowing this, it’s time we dig into the benefits of preventive care and how it can not only save you money but save your life. 

Preventive care: why it matters 

routine check-ups

What is preventive care?

Preventive care is the medical attention received in order to prevent diseases or illnesses. 

This kind of care includes a wide range of medical care from annual physical exams to blood tests and dental and eye care. 

Preventive care is different from diagnostic medical care, which refers to treating an existing medical condition. 

How does preventive care save me money?

Preventive care helps to detect potential medical issues early on and can, therefore, potentially help you to avoid the need for advanced and expensive medical care in the future. 

This means that preventive care can save you from significant costs that are associated with specialised and advanced medical care. 

How does preventive care save lives? 

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), chronic illnesses are responsible for 70% of deaths. These include diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

All of these can be avoided when you apply preventive healthcare. 

What health check-ups do I need?

Have a look at this blog on 7 health checks you need to make if you have not seen your doctor in a while

  1. Annual check-up with your GP

  2. Annual pap smears for women

  3. Annual HIV test

  4. Annual cholesterol test

  5. Annual skin test (if you are a high risk of skin cancer)

  6. Eye test every 2 years

If you are a high-risk patient for a certain health concern, then it’s a good idea that you chat with your doctor to help create a preventive care plan. 

Does Oneplan Health Insurance include cover for preventive healthcare costs?

Most certainly. 

Each one of our healthcare plans includes cover for: 

  • GP visits

  • Scripted medication 

  • Blood tests 

  • X-rays 

  • Dentistry 

  • Optometry 

Our Super Plan also includes specialist cover. 

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We front you with cash before you see your doctor

Using our unique Onecard payment system, we preload your card with the funds needed before visiting your healthcare professional. 
Simply log into the Oneplan app, preload your claim and we will transfer the funds needed onto your Onecard within seconds. 
You can then use this Onecard to swipe and pay for your consult, the same way you would use a debit card. 
The best part? We let you go to any doctor or licenced healthcare professional of your choice. 

Team of nurses to chat with through the app

Because your health is a priority, we have a dedicated team of nurses for you to chat with through our Oneplan app. You can simply direct any health concerns or questions you may have to them. 

You can get a quote online, instantly and easily. 

The bottom line

When it comes to money-saving and life-saving, preventive care is clearly something all of us need to implement into our routines in order to live healthy and long lives. 

Yours in affordable health insurance, 


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