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Oneplan car essentials checklist

Whether you’ve got sweet new wheels or your trusty old truck is doing just fine, there are certain things that should always be in your vehicle (as in, they should have been there yesterday) to keep you prepped and ready for anything.

Getting behind the wheel is a huge responsibility - whether you’re transporting yourself, your family or work supplies, there is an expectation on the driver and owner of the car to get everybody from point A to point B safe and sound. Obviously, bad things happen and road safety isn’t always in your control BUT a large portion of how you respond to emergency situations is.

Here are the essential items we firmly believe you should have in your car- you know us, we’re all about preparation, practice and peace of mind. So, let’s get cracking!

A first aid kit (for your car)

If your car breaks down, do you know the necessary steps to take? Even if you don’t know your way around a carburettor or internal combustion engine,  it’s always advised you have the tools to keep the situation under control until you have professional help on the way. Here are some of the essentials:

  1. Jumper cables
  2. Car manual (unless you’ve learned every worrisome flashing light by heart)
  3. A quart of oil plus a funnel (anything about a quart is a safety hazard and is highly disadvised)
  4. Duct tape
  5. Flares
  6. Paper road maps (no reception + no cellphone + no sense of direction = groot problem)
  7. A torch and spare batteries

A first aid kit (for humans)

Car emergencies aren’t only mechanical - they extend to the people who are inside the vehicle, too. A medical first aid kit is one way for you to take control of emergency situations in a way that is safe and effective. If somebody is injured in your car, you want to be able to keep them safe and calm until you can get them home, to a hospital or until help comes to you. Here are a few things you should have on hand:

  1. Sharp scissors: to cut clothing, seatbelts or bandages
  2. Tweezers: for any gravel or glass removal
  3. Plasters and bandages in varying sizes
  4. Sterile gauze
  5. Disinfectant (Savlon or Dettol are great)
  6. Disposable sterile gloves

You can find a really comprehensive list we put together for what should be in your first aid kit right here.

A first aid kit (for tyres)

We’ve put the tyre repair kit separately because it really is incredibly important to have ALL the right tools to need to repair or change a tyre when the occasion presents itself.

Keen to get your hands greasy? Check out how to change a tyre here (we told you we’ve got you covered)

Here’s what you’re going to need in the case of a tyre malfunction:

  1. A spare tyre (you’d be surprised at how few cars have them. Make sure it is in good condition and that it is roadworthy for the time you’ll need to use it)
  2. A reflective triangle
  3. A tyre inflator and sealer
  4. A (complete) jack
  5. A lug key (this only applies to specific cars so find out if you have and need one)

Car insurance

Car insurance is like the first aid kit for your finances.

In all honesty, you shouldn’t even be looking at a car if you don’t have vehicle insurance. Seriously - don’t even glance at it. Insuring your car is the only way to ensure financial security if things go pear-shaped, as they so often do. If you are driving uninsured, you are a part of a massive problem on South African roads and could cause a lot of financial grief for you and other drivers. 

With Oneplan, we have policies that can be tailored to your budget, on your terms and in your own time. We make it incredibly hard not to have car insurance. Having comprehensive vehicle insurance that includes third-party coverage and can be accessed from the palm of your hand sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

We are dedicated to providing individual premiums that are calculated using our sliding scale strategy. You can readjust and reevaluate your premiums whenever and wherever you want. Is money a little tight this month? Feel free to lower your premium - we get it!

No matter where you are on the roads, Oneplan always has our Oneplan family covered.


Yours in hassle-free insurance, 


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