Oneplan Health Insurance Policy Talk: How to upgrade or downgrade your plan


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How to upgrade or downgrade your plan

Alright, if we’re being completely honest, we could all do with a little more flexibility in our lives. Thankfully we’re here to cater to that very need with the help of our flexible health insurance policies.

We have all admittedly had quite the year. What had once started out as the beginning of a brand-new decade was later completely flipped on its head with the new coronavirus. The result? A complete change in the demands and expectations that we have of the world around us. Gone are the days of ‘business as usual’. From now on the new normal comes with one particular demand: flexibility.

The power of flexibility

If you were to take a brief moment to look back on this past year, you’ll notice a common thread: industries, people and companies need holistic flexibility to survive. Now, this isn’t aimed at sounding melodramatic, but rather pointing out the fact that this virus has changed everything. From remote working to virtual learning, flexibility has become the new norm. So why can’t insurance be the same way?

A brief look at inflexible contracts

As it goes with any legal document, there isn’t much wiggle room. The information outlined in your policy means that you are liable for a set amount for a set period of time. On average that period averages at 12 months.

But as this year has shown us, a lot can happen in a few months. The reality is that you may lose your job, relocate or simply find a cheaper alternative to your current insurance broker, but be trapped in an unrealistic financial bind.

In fact, many people have even found themselves incurring crippling debt due to this very scenario.

How Oneplan is changing the game

Anytime you are grocery shopping, and someone just sneezes or chooses to wear their mask on their chins instead of their face you probably find yourself re-evaluating your health insurance. And while a global health crisis probably shouldn't be the reason you take out health insurance, sometimes we just need a harsh reality to usher us in the right direction.

The reality is that our health truly is our greatest asset and investment. So, we need to treat it as such and opt for comprehensive health insurance.

But what happens when you cannot commit to a high monthly premium? You get in contact with our Oneplan team and allow them to dazzle you with our flexible health insurance.

Ready to be impressed?

How to change your plan

At Oneplan we pride ourselves in keeping up to date with what’s happening in the world. Money a little tight? We’ve got you sorted. Need immediate funds for doctors’ bills? Done! We really do it all so it’s no surprise that we’re allowing you to change your health insurance plan according to your budget and needs.

Here’s their process:

  1. You need to give us one calendar months’ notice when you decide to change your plan
  2. The following condition will apply when you want to change your plan type:New waiting periods will apply for additional cover and an increase in cover from the effective date of the amendment
  3. You may only amend your policy every six (6) months, especially if you are changing your policy type to a plan higher in cover
  4. We might ask you to complete a new application and your policy may be re-underwritten in order to assess your risk profile

And that’s it! It really is that efficient and easy – as health insurance should be

The key takeaway

Alright, we may have admittedly rambled through some of this, so you may want to pay attention now as we plan to drop some serious knowledge. Ready?

You need to prioritise your health.

On a daily basis, your body essentially goes to war for you – fighting off disease, bacteria and various viruses. The least you could do is ensure that when your body feels run down you have access to exceptional private medical care WHENEVER you need it.

Help your body help you by opting for health insurance that is able to offer you the flexibility that you need – and ultimately deserve.


Yours in comprehensive health insurance,

The Oneplan Team

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