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An excess

Health insurance can help save you money and has your back when you need it most. Understanding the ins and outs of health insurance can really help you make sure you have the right cover that suits your budget and your needs. We’re discussing health insurance excess, what that means and Oneplan’s Excess Buster.  

Most of us are familiar with the excess associated with car insurance but many haven’t heard of health insurance excess. Keep reading to find out what excess is and how Oneplan’s excess buster combats it. 

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What is a health insurance excess?

When setting up a health insurance policy, you'll have the option of how much excess you'd like. Your excess amount is the part of your claim that you agree to pay.

An excess is a certain amount of money that you pay towards your medical treatment. It’s an agreement you make with your health insurer to take responsibility for some of your health cover costs in return for a lower premium.

The higher the excess, the lower your premium should be, and you only pay it if you’re admitted to hospital.

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How does an excess work?

For example, if your excess was R2000 and the hospital bill was R10 000, you'd pay an excess of R2000 and your insurance company is required to then pay R8000.

Most insurers will offer a range of options when it comes to how much excess you pay, this to find a premium that suits your budget a little better. But what are the implications and should you go high or low with your excess?

It’s important to consider how much excess you take because it has some implications. Having a very high excess means your premium each month will probably be a lot lower (win!). But this means that when you do make a claim, you are going to have a high amount of money to contribute to your claim. This leads us to Oneplan’s excess buster...

What is Oneplan’s Excess Buster?

Our Oneplan Excess Buster is an option you can add on to your policy at an additional charge every month (this extra cost is VERY affordable, we promise).

This add-on product means we help you cover the excess charged by us for an in-hospital claim. This could help you save thousands in hospital bills (we always keep your budget in mind!).

We will not cover any excess that you need to pay before you add this option. You would need to have the Excess Buster in place already before you need to make a claim for any hospital events. It is also only intended to cover the specified excess amounts as per your Policy Schedule (make sure you take a look at it).

Health insurance can often sound like it’s going to be a strain on your pocket but it really is a vital thing to have.

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Why is health insurance important?

With the right health insurance policy, you get to:

  1. Go to the doctor when you need to (Oneplan will pay for your doctor’s visit before you get there!)
  2. Have access to specialised care and hospital cover
  3. Avoid having an existing condition worsen

Health insurance is important because you never know when you are going to need it. It is easy to think that you’re healthy or young and you will only need health insurance one day. You never know what may happen though.

Health insurance will save you money in the long run. Save your money for more important things, all you have to do is budget for the premium you need to pay each month. We’ve got the medical bill sorted because no health-related issue should EVER break the bank or have you incurring serious medical debt.

Having health insurance also ensures you have access to quality healthcare, we believe that there shouldn’t be any obstacles between you and private healthcare professionals. And now there aren’t thanks to our health insurance plans that get you immediate access to any private healthcare facility of your choosing!

With a quality health insurance policy, you will be covered for a variety of medical necessities and emergencies including hospital cover.

How to claim for hospital care with Oneplan

Sometimes we need medical cover for a longer period stay or casualty treatments in a certified medical facility.

If you or a family member find yourself in an emergency situation, needing to be admitted into a hospital or in need of trauma and assault counselling please call Oneplan’s Emergency Call Centre Helpline on 010 001 0141 for authorisation and written approval of the claim you are making.

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) will be issued to the medical facility within 48 hours, should the cover be authorised. The amount will be paid directly to the hospital and/or service provider within 30 days, depending on the available annual limit and cover limits as per this Schedule.

Steps to follow a medical emergency admission:

  1. Call 010 001 0141
  2. Get authorisation from us (Hospital Authorisations / New Admission:
  3. Wait for the letter of approval that we will send directly to the hospital
  4. Treatment can begin

Please keep in mind that pre-existing conditions or the list of conditions excluded for twelve (12) months under Illness in Hospital cover will not be covered, even in emergencies.

If you have any questions or want to know more about getting started the right way into health insurance that is hassle-free, then get in touch with us!


Yours in hassle-free health insurance,


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