7 ways you could be harming your car and your wallet


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If you are guilty of doing one or more of these common things that hundreds of motorists do - You might be killing your car without even knowing it

Many of us depend on our cars more than we know. They get us to work in the morning, back home in the evening, take us on trips, journeys, adventures, road trips and on family outings.

However, looking after them isn’t something we all do to the best of our abilties...

But, I just don’t have the time!

As much as we love our cars, looking after them is not always easy. Think about it - when was the last time you got your car properly cleaned? Is your service history up to date? Have you checked your tyre tread, water and oil recently? What about your tyre pressure?

The problem comes with finding the time to do these basic things. Our lives are full of meetings, social events, traffic and appointments. Getting a gap to get your tyres checked doesn’t seem likely.

But, I do look after my car?

You might be on the other end of the spectrum and you are someone who takes great pride in your car and tries to do everything you can to ensure your car is in tip-top shape. But even if you are this person, there are still certain harmful factors you are doing to your car that you may not be aware of.

No matter what end of the scale you find yourself on, we have put together 7 things many drivers do that can harm their cars and their wallets…

1. Ignoring the engine light on your dashboard

Do you know that bright red little warning sign on your dashboard? The one you have taken notice of for a few weeks now and have done nothing about? Yeah, well if you ignore your engine light this can result in some serious engine problems if not taken care of.

The issue might be serious or it might be that your car is not using fuel economically (which means your car is using more fuel than it should). No matter what the issue is - make sure you get it checked out by a mechanic.

The trick is to sort things out as soon as they happen.

It’s like getting sick and not going to a doctor. You are likely to get worse without the proper care and treatment of a health expert. The same thinking applies to your car.

2. Not changing the filters and fluids

Many fluids in your engine are vital for the protection and operation of your car’s components and systems.

This is why you need to regularly check your fluid levels and the filters to ensure your car runs well. This will also help to extend your vehicle’s life.

3. Forgetting about your tyres

You need to regularly check the tread and pressure of your tyres. If your tyres are underinflated, this can cause them to wear out sooner and can result in higher gas mileage, safety issues and performance problems.

If your tyres are pumped too hard, you lose their suspension effect.

Over-inflating your tyres can cause the tread and sidewalls to become harder than usual. Which can reduce the performance and traction of the tyre, and cause uneven tyre wear.

Check in your car’s manual for the right pressure to pump your tyres.

Continental recommends the following tread depths for tyre replacement: summer tyres 3 mm -and winter tyres 4 mm.

4. Not sticking to a service schedule

Many car components and parts will wear out and become damaged - which is why your car needs to be routinely serviced to perform at its best.

A certified mechanic will need to perform routine inspections and repairs to keep your car running optimally. This will also help you to avoid pricey repairs later on.

5. Not washing your car

Did you know that when you do not wash your car for a long period of time this can result in a build-up of damaging dirt and chemicals and increase the potential for rust from the road salt? Rain in cities with a high level of pollution can also damage the paint of your car.

How often should I wash my car?

Your car should have a basic wash every 2 weeks.

Every 6 months your car should be waxed and every few months you should do a basic interior clean-out.

6. Driving aggressively or in bad conditions

If you are someone who brakes harshly, speeds, drives on a dirt road on a regular basis or transport heavy loads, then this can result in increased wear and tear in your car.

7. Not having car insurance

Many people who do not have car insurance will continue to drive after an accident or bumper bashing as they cannot afford the cost of repairs and their car is still driveable after the crash.

But what you don’t realise is that there might be more serious damage under the dents and scratches you can see on the service. When you don't get your car fixed, then these could result in serious mechanical issues down the line and will end up costing you more.

So make sure you are covered for the expected, unexpected an everything in between.

Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,


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