6 easy steps to healing a broken bone as quickly as possible


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Follow these simple steps to speeding up bone recovery after injury (tip - these actually work!)

Whether you have a fracture or a broken bone, they both mean the same thing and are one of the most commonly seen bone problems in the world.

Did you know that the average person can expect to suffer from two fractured bones in their lifetime?

If you have recently suffered from a broken bone or fracture, then this article might be helpful in speeding up your recovery time…

Healing a broken bone will take time and depend on a number of factors - this includes your age, health, nutrition, blood flow to the bone and your treatment.

1. Put down that cigarette (non-smokers move into point 2)

The first thing you need to do to help your broken bone heal faster is to stop smoking. Smoking can impact your health negatively in a number of ways.

Doctors and experts have noted how patients who smoke have a much longer average healing time compared to patients who do not. They also have a higher risk of developing a nonunion, this is the non-healing of the bone.

Smoking affects your blood flow to the bone and the blood flow is what will deliver the key nutrients your bone needs to heal.

So, if you have a broken bone, then you need to stop smoking. And don’t start again once it has healed. Stopping smoking will improve your health in a number of ways!

2. Eat right

What you put into your body will have a huge impact on how your body heals.

By eating a balanced diet you are helping your bones to get the nutrients they need from the food you eat.

Make sure you include a diet of whole grains, fruits, veggies, healthy fats and proteins. Stay away from processed foods and sugars.

This means no take out, no chips, no white bread and no oily snacks.

The trick is to try and adapt this way of eating as a lifestyle choice more than a diet.

3. Increase your calcium intake

Did you know that your bones need calcium to heal? Make sure you do not take too much of it though. Taking mega doses of calcium does not mean your bones will heal faster.

Chat to your doctor about how much calcium you should be taking a day. Some foods that contain calcium include milk, dairy products, beans, lentils, seeds and salmon.

4. Stick to your treatment plan

You need to make sure that you stick to the treatment plan your doctor gives you.

He or she might recommend that your treatment includes a caster, crutches, surgery or others. By not sticking to this plan, you can delay your recovery.

By removing your cast or walking on a broken bone before your doctor gives you the go-ahead, you are delaying your healing time and could be damaging the bone further.

5. Chat to your doctor

One of the best things to do is to chat with your doctor about any tricks he or she might know of to help speed up the healing.

Make sure you also understand your treatment plan and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

6. Live a healthy, balanced life

Make sure you are getting enough sleep every single night. This means you need to get getting between 7 and 8 hours a night.

On top of this, and as we already mentioned, stick to a healthy diet and meal plan.

And, of course, try to limit your stress.

There are studies that have linked stress to weight gain, sleep issues and depression. But the thing is, stress can also prolong healing.

A happy and healthy body will heal faster.

Make sure you are covered for the medical costs

Suffering from a broken bone can come with a heal of medical bills.

From X-rays, treatment (medication, cast, surgery) etc. and your doctor or specialist visit, all of these costs can and will add up to cost more than a couple of thousand rands.

Before you know it you might have a bill that far exceeds your budget and could even land you in debt.

Make sure you are covered for the unexpected with health insurance. And better yet, covered with an insurer that pays you BEFORE you see the doctor. That’s us. Oneplan. We do that.

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