The top 7 reasons your car insurance claim was rejected


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Rejection is never fun, so here’s how to stop it from happening with your vehicle insurance

When you are in an accident or suffer from theft and have to claim from your car insurance, finding out your claim is rejected is not something you want to hear.

And we get it - believe us, we do. The thing is, we don’t want to reject your claim. In fact, paying out claims is what we do best.

But sometimes there are certain factors we cannot control. Reasons for your claim being rejected are always clearly outlined in your policy document sent to you - which is why it is so important to make sure you read and understand ALL of this.

Of course, each insurance company is different. So you need to know exactly what you are and are NOT covered for according to your specific insurer.

Here are the top reasons why you claim is rejected…

1. Incorrect category of use

At Oneplan, we have specific categories of use for your car.

This means that you select one of these when you take out your policy.

The categories of use include:

1. Private use only

Your car is only your personal family car and is not used for work

2. Private and limited professional and business use

Perhaps you work as an attorney in an office and sometimes have to use your car to go to court (no more than ⅓ of your car’s weekly usage is for work).

If you use your car more for business, then you should get “Private and professional business and full business use” insurance.

3. Private and professional business and full business use

Perhaps you are a sales rep and use your car for work but less than 70% of your car usage is for work (more than ⅓ of your car’s weekly usage is for work).

If your claim for an accident and we find out that you were travelling to and from your place of work, business or professional use of any nature and your cover is Private Use Only, then we might reject your claim.

2. Reckless driving

If you were speeding, racing or not obeying the traffic rules, we have the right to reject your claim.

3. Your car is unroadworthy

When you take out your policy, we ensure your car is roadworthy. If at the time of the accident we find that your tyre tread is worn down, you have broken wipers or other issues stated in your policy, then we might reject your claim.

4. You do not have a driver’s licence

If you are the person driving your car does not have a valid driver’s licence, your claim will be rejected.

5. You were driving drunk

The police are likely to test your alcohol levels through either a breathalyzer or blood test, if you are over the limit, we will not pay.

6. You lied about a tracker or safety device

Having a tracker or safety device will reduce your policy amount. If we find that you do not have a tracking or safety device installed in your car and you told us you did, then your claim could be rejected.

7. You were involved in a shady sale or business deal

We do not cover the loss of your car for fraudulent buying or selling transaction.

Make sure you read your contract

If you are insured with Oneplan, then you will know how easy we try to make our vehicle insurance. But this does not mean you can skip the reading of your contract.

Make sure you read your policy carefully and fully understand everything in it.

If there is ANYTHING that does not make sense, then give us a call and we can walk you through it.

Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,


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