5 cuddle-worthy ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day as a paw parent to a precious pooch


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The bond between a pawsome mom and her fur baby is something special - if you are looking for some inspiration to celebrating this special occasion with your bouncing, barking bestie by your side, then keep reading…

No one will understand the bond between you and your fur baby. It’s something special that only the two of you share on the special day where Mothers around the world are celebrated, we want you to celebrate this union and your job as a paw parent - we know it’s not always easy!

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mothers and mother figures around the globe. And while your dog might not be able to cook you breakfast in bed (no matter how many training classes we send them to), you can both do a few special and unique things together that might just beat breakfast in bed!

1. Plan an outdoor adventure for just the two of you

Do some research on dog parks in your area - you will be surprised at the amount of impressive parks, gardens and beautiful places you can escape to for the day.

Pack a picnic, a picnic blanket, your dog’s favourite toys (a ball in particular), and put on your walking shoes to do some exploring through the park together.

If a park is not your thing, then why not research some pet-friendly places to grab a bite to eat together? South African cities have some incredible hidden gems where you can both eat something yummy and enjoy the day out together.

2. Have breakfast in bed

As we said, your dig might not be able to cook your breakfast, but you can cook the two of you something delicious to share!

Have a look at these simple and delicious dog treats by clicking on this link. Of course, these might not be things that you would really enjoy, but it’s the thought that counts! Why not pop into your local bakery and buy yourself a yummy baked croissant or scone to eat while your dog has a special treat you made for him.

3. Take some special pictures

As a pet parent, your phone is probably filled to the brim with photos of your dog pulling a funny face, videos of her doing something strange or cute selfies of the two of you together.

But why not take some professional photos together? These will be great to print and frame and have as a keepsake of a special day you spent together.

You could ask a friend to take the photos or better yet, hire a photographer to come with you and your pet to the park and capture some incredible candid photos of the two of you bounding around together!

4. Get to painting!

Take a trip to your local craft store and buy one of those baby-hand print kits.

This awesome kit will let you create a keepsake of your dog’s pawprint and it might just be so adorable, that you make this an annual tradition! Cute, right?

Be sure to check the ingredients of the painting kit and ensure none of these will cause any side effects for your dog.

5. Help a pet in need

Remember that some dogs don’t have paw parents as great and as loving as you and have to spend Mother’s Day alone in a kennel.

This is why it is a great idea to maybe offer to help out at a local shelter for the afternoon or perhaps donate some food or money to the shelter.

You will be left feeling great as you would have helped a dog in need and the shelter/dog will also have their spirits lifted - it’s a win-win!

We hope you find the time to celebrate this Mother’s Day with your precious pooch and more importantly, we hope you are surrounded by love and sloppy kisses on this day!

And don’t forget to make sure your pet is insured with pet insurance that pays you before you see the doctor - for your peace of mind and your bank account’s sake.

Yours in paws,


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