Imagine your health insurer could pay your medical bill BEFORE you see the doctor?


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An unexpected trip to the doctor can set you back R400 or more, and that’s excluding medication! Which is why Oneplan Health Insurance created insurance that pays you before you see your doctor - here’s how it works

We are all well aware of the costs of private healthcare in South Africa. A 15 minutes check-up can cost R400 or more, medications on top of this can set you back close on R1000.

And let’s be honest - who has that kind of money just lying around?

So many of us are left waiting until payday to see the doctor or worse, putting the bill on credit.

Did you know that medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy?

Of course, there is the option of government hospitals and public clinics.

Some of which are well run and can offer you excellent medical care. However, the majority of them are understaffed and ill-equipped with medical supplies to care for the hundreds of patients coming through their doors on a daily basis.

I can’t afford medical aid

Medical aid is seen as an expensive luxury few of us can afford. And who can blame you? A hospital plan can cost you thousands of rands and even that doesn’t give you cover for everything you need.

This is where health insurance comes in

Health insurance is a form of short-term insurance and the way it works is that you are given a certain amount of cover for medical claims. This payout is according to an exact limit. Unlike medical aid which has to pay out according to the hospital and medical fees, which can be extremely high and unpredictable.

This means that health insurance is more affordable as there are exact limits to claims.

If you can afford medical aid, then great! Health insurance and medical aid work great together!

Maybe you are on a medical aid hospital plan? Then health insurance will help in fronting you some cash to see your doctor for routine care and check-ups.

Health insurance that pays you before you see the doctor

Oneplan Health Insurance has this awesome service where they use a smart card (that acts like a regular debit card) to front you with the cash you need before you see the doctor.

Your Onecard will allow you to preload funds for a doctor visit using the Oneplan App or calling their call centre.

This means all you have to do is swipe this card at your doctor’s rooms!

How it works

Let’s say you have flu that isn’t going away. You have no appetite, high fever and are coughing a lot. You have taken time off work and you aren’t getting better.

It’s time to see the doctor.

BUT! The cost to see the doctor might be R1000 or more.

Which is where Oneplan comes in…

No matter which Oneplan Health Plan you choose, you will have a certain amount allocated to doctor visits.

Their most basic plan which costs R365 a month offers you R320 per doctor visit and R145 for scripted medication.

Preload your funds

Log into the Oneplan App, load a claim and money will be loaded onto your Onecard which you can use to swipe at your doctor.

Can I go to any doctor?

The beauty about Oneplan is that they do not have a specified network of doctors you have to choose from in order to be covered, you can go to any registered medical practitioner you choose!

What about the dentist?

Oneplan offers all kinds of medical cover! From doctors, dentists and optometrists!

Pretty great, right?

How do I find out more?

If you want to find out a little more about Oneplan and their health insurance or get a quote, then click here.

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