Pet insurance with amazing cover for vet visits, routine care and hospital stays - Why our Pet Classic Plan is pawfect for you


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Oh, and did I mention you also get paid BEFORE you see the vet? It just gets better from here…

We all know just how scary the cost of vet bills can be. Just a quick checkup can cost you anywhere between R290 to R450 for dogs and R285 to R445 for cats (it may cost a bit more if vaccination is included).

And that’s only if you have one pet - imagine the cost of two or three?

Our own health is expensive enough to look after (hence the need for medical aid and/or health insurance to allow us to afford access to private healthcare), so vet bills on top of our own doctor bills can leave us dipping into savings, saying goodbye to any kind of holiday we had planned and possibly resulting in a heap of credit card bills.

Don’t believe me? Have a look at this article on the real price of owning a pet - the figures are eye-opening.

When it comes to our pets, we always want to make sure they are healthy, happy and living a long life by our side. Which is why we will do whatever it takes to keep them healthy, but whatever it takes, shouldn’t mean breaking the bank…

Cue pet insurance….

What is pet insurance?

If you are still on the fence about pet insurance or aren’t quite sure what it is, here’s a simple explanation to help put it into perspective for you…

Pet insurance is the pet equivalent to health insurance for humans. It is a form of short term insurance that helps cover the costs of medical bills for your pet, in return for a monthly premium.

So, instead of being hit with a R10 000 bill when your pet needs surgery or even a R500 bill for a vet visit, pet insurance helps cover a vast majority of this amount. Eliminating the worst case scenario of your pet needing treatment and you having to turn down this down, or worse, opt for euthanisation, because you simply cannot afford the bill.

Now you can see why there is such a need for pet insurance.

There are a number of different pet insurers out there, but not one of them pays you BEFORE you see the vet, Oneplan Pet Insurance (that’s us).

Oneplan has 3 different Pet Insurance Plans, but let’s have a look at our Pet Classic Plan...

Tell me more about the Pet Classic Plan

How much does it cost?

The Pet Classic Plan costs R278 a month (that’s less than R9 a day).

What makes this plan so great?

1. Get paid before you see the vet

We’ve mentioned this one already, but let’s explain a little more about how this works…

When you become a part of the Oneplan family, we give you a Onecard. This acts like a debit card and allows us to pre-load funds for routine care and vet visits.

All you have to do is let us know you are going to the vet through the simple and smart Oneplan App - upload your claim - and the funds will be transferred into your Onecard in seconds.

When you get to the vet, you simply swipe this card as you would any debit card, enter your pin and just like that - the money is paid!

No more paying upfront and having to claim later!

2. Vet visits covered

You are covered for 4 visits to your vet each year, and up to R1120 per visit.  These include - Consultations, radiology (x-rays), pathology (blood tests) and minor dental procedures.

3. Amazing routine care benefits

You are covered up to R690 each year for routine care which includes:

●        Sterilisation

●        Consultations for and/or vaccinations, deworming, flea control

●        Anal gland expression

●        Teeth scaling and polishing

4. Accident and illness cover

Accidents are the stuff you didn’t see coming - when your pet is involved in an accident, for example - gets hit by a car and requires you to immediately rush him or her to the vet. An illness is an issue (disease or sickness) that started after your cover began.

Accident cover up to R35 000 and Illness cover up to R31 000.


5. Kennel fees

This great feature covers kennel fees when you are unable to take care of your pet due to your unexpected hospitalisation that wasn’t your fault. Up to R150 per day and up to R1 500 per event.

6. Additional pet discount

Because we love pets so much and know that they are just like potato chips - it’s impossible to just have one, we created our cover to include an additional pet discount!

●        10% Discount on a second pet - R 250 (2nd pet)

●        5% discount for 3rd pet and per additional pet thereafter - R 236 (pet 3 to 8)

Have a look at our range of plans or speak to one of our team members to find the best possible cover for you and your precious pawfect partner.

Yours in paws,


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