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Cover you control at the cost you can afford - the freedom to change your cover as your life changes

Here’s the thing…

We believe in giving you options. Options that suit you, your lifestyle, and more importantly, your wallet. We know that everyone is different which is why we created car insurance that gives you total control of your cover.

What is ‘flexible’ car insurance?

If there’s one thing we are more passionate about than insurance, it’s you. And in knowing that our clients needed vehicle insurance that not only covered them for damage and accidents (the unexpected events in life) but also gave them the freedom to choose how much cover they wanted at the price they could afford - we created the Oneplan Cover Slider.

Flexible car insurance is basically insurance that you can change, adjust and move according to your budget and needs.

How the Oneplan cover slider works

You have the option to cover as much of your car as you want to. We give you total control over what you cover and for how much.

How we do this is using a sliding scale. Basically, you select the percentage of insurance you can afford, selecting cover from 30% to 95% and we work out what your monthly premium will be based on this percentage. It’s that simple.

For example - If you have chosen 50% cover for your car, then we cover you for 50% of the retail value of your car in the event of a write-off. Or we cover 50% of damages in the event of an accident resulting in repairs. You get the point.

Change your cover percentage & monthly premium instantly

You can adjust your cover from the palm of your hand using the Oneplan App.

All you have to do is login and use the awesome cover slider to change the amount of cover you are paying for and we will bill you according to this exact cost.

So, that means when your budget is a little tight for the month, you can adjust your insurance premium to suit you and your wallet.

Our insurance is always comprehensive - The highest level of protection (and it’s affordable)

So, now that you have a good understanding of our awesome and flexible car insurance, let’s give you some more details on the type of cover you will be getting…

Other insurers will ask you to choose between 3 different types of cover, third-party only, third-party, fire and theft and comprehensive.

The first two cover options cover the damage done to others as a result of an accident that was your fault, but they don’t cover you for any damage done to your own car or person.

Comprehensive cover is the highest level of protection you can get, but so many people will choose the cheaper options of cover being third-party cover options as these are seen as more affordable.

The thing is, we want you to be covered no matter what. We can’t stand the thought of you having to pay for any damage done to your own car and that’s why we made sure our car insurance is always comprehensive, no matter how much cover you choose.

We also cover you for third party liability, up to R2.5 million. What this means is that you are not personally or financially responsible for any damage you cause to someone else’s property. Which is pretty great to have.

What am I covered for?

Your car is covered for theft, hijacking, fire, damage from an accident and total loss which basically means when it’s written off, we’ve got you covered but remember only up to your selected percentage.

What about towing fees?

We include towing fees up to R2500 if you are in an accident and cannot drive your car.

How much is my car insured for?

The amount your car is insured for is based on the retail value of your car and the percentage cover you have decided on.

Head’s up - The retail value of a car is the value or price that a car dealer would sell it for, including the factory-fitted accessories.

And don’t forget - The age of your car, the condition and the kilometres it has driven may affect the retail value.

So you want to add a turbo?

If you modify your car (turbo or whatever your taste may be), these items do not form part of the retail value of your car. Let us know about any add ons you have made to the car after you bought it.

We know that life can be complicated, it’s why we make sure our insurance isn’t.

Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,


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