Our top 5 car insurance tips - follow these to make sure you are getting the most out of your car insurance


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We believe in insurance being straight-up, honest and hassle-free - it’s why we made this guide just for you

Car insurance is something a number of drivers on SA roads don’t have, and that thought alone should send a little shiver down your spine and here’s why…

Imagine some guy crashes into you, it’s clearly his fault but the thing is, he doesn’t have the money to pay for damaged and he doesn’t have car insurance. Oh, and did we mention your car is not driveable after the accident? This means you are left annoyed, waiting and without a car until the other driver can finally pay you. Unless you have the time to pursue legal action?

So, if you are one of the clever few who has car insurance, you can breathe a HUGE sigh of relief in knowing you are covered and more importantly, you can keep reading…

We have put together our top list of tips to help save you money on your monthly premiums and protect you from what could be pretty pricey mistakes.

1. Insure your car the moment you buy it

Before you even drive your car off the showroom floor or from the person you bought it from, make sure it is insured.

Do you know how many people have an accident driving their new (or second hand) car home before getting the chance to insure it.

If your car is financed, then your financier will require you to have insurance before you drive it away. So make sure you have your car insurance sorted before you collect your new set of wheels.

2. Make sure your car is insured for its purpose

If your car is insured for private use only and you are involved in an accident when it was being used for business, then we cannot process the claim.

Our car insurance includes cover for various different uses of your vehicle:

1. Private use only

Your car is only your personal family car and is not used for work

2. Private and limited professional and business use

Perhaps you work as an attorney in an office and sometimes have to use your car to go to court (no more than ⅓ of your car’s weekly usage is for work) - then this plan is for you!

3. Private and professional business and full business use

Perhaps you are a sales rep and use your car for work but less than 70% of your car usage is for work (more than ⅓ of your car’s weekly usage is for work) - then this plan is for you!

So make sure your car is covered for the right use.

3. Increase your excess

The excess is the amount of money you have to pay in when it comes time to claim. When you increase your excess, you will have to pay in more in the event of a claim, but your monthly premium will cost you less. Just make sure you adjust this to a rate you will be able to afford in case of an accident.

We can help you adjust your premium and cover according to your exact needs and budget thanks to our awesome cover slider.

4. Improve the security of your car

Does your vehicle have a tracking device? Do you park your car in the street or in a locked garage? The higher the risk your car has of being stolen, the more your premium will cost.

5. Make sure you read the fine print

Luckily with Oneplan, we make sure the fine print doesn’t sound fancy or use big words. All of our policy documents are easy to read, easy to understand and easy to apply. And if there is anything you don’t understand, we can help clarify that for you.

The point is, we want to ensure you know exactly what you are covered for and what you are not so that when it comes time to claim, its a smooth ride.

Bonus tip - Drive carefully

The better you drive, the fewer accidents you are in. The less you claim, the less of a risk you are and the less you have to pay in monthly premiums. It’s that simple.

Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,


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