Affordable access to private healthcare & awesome day-to-day benefits - 3 reasons why our Professional Plan is for you


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The health insurance plan that gives you amazing in and out of hospital benefits - for professionals who want to stay in budget and stay healthy

Health insurance is so much more than a hospital plan, with a range of cover options to choose from, you get the best of private healthcare at the price you can afford.

Each health insurer has their own specified range of health plans, but our awesome health plans at Oneplan range from our most basic Core Plan, our Blue Plan the Professional Plan and our top plan the Executive Plan.

We have designed each of our plans to suit your needs and more importantly, your budget.

Each one has its own special features and cover options and allows you to choose the best one for you and your family.

That’s right, health insurance also covers your immediate family too!

What is health insurance?

If you are wondering what on earth health insurance is, then you are not alone!

So many people do not have a clue as to what this form of insurance is and before now, you may have thought that medical aid was the only option when it came to being able to afford access to private healthcare.

Well, we are here to tell you that you can wave goodbye to huge monthly premiums and welcome health insurance with open arms.

Health insurance is a form of short-term insurance that acts as an affordable alternative to medical aid.

Here’s what makes it more affordable…

Of course, if you can afford medical aid, then great! Medical aid offers you amazing medical cover - but you pay for that amazing cover.

With health insurance, we have a capped amount for a specific claim or event. This means that we can tell you exactly how much we will cover you for when it comes to accidents and routine care and because of this, you get to pay less for your premium.

On the other hand, medical aid has to cover a certain amount according to PMBs. PMBs are a set of defined benefits (also known as prescribed minimum benefits) that make sure that all members of a medical scheme will have access to specific minimum health services, regardless of the benefit option they selected.

Long story short, you pay more for medical aid in case they have to cover more for medical costs in the event of a claim.

You pay less for health insurance because we cap each of our cover options at a certain amount and can offer you more cover based on the plan you choose.

It’s that simple.

Tell me more about the Professional Plan

If you are looking for a boost up from our Core and Blue Plans, then the Professional Plan is the health cover you have been searching for. And here’s why...

How much does it cost?

The Professional Plan only costs R947 a month and gives you access to private hospitals, doctors and other health care providers such as the dentist!

What makes this plan so great?

1. Routine care and day to day costs are covered

Like we said, our health insurance plans are more than just hospital cover, we cover you for accident, illness, emergency, routine and day to day visits to the doctor.

The thing is, we want you to stay healthy and not have to wait until it gets so bad that you HAVE to go to the hospital. With us, you don’t have to wait until payday to see your doctor or wait until that ache in your back gets too bad. Did we mention you also get to go to ANY doctor you like? Pretty great, right?

●     Doctor visits - You will be covered for up to R345 per visit to your doctor.

●     Scripted medication - We also cover you for up to R228 per script.

●     Blood tests - We cover up to R480 per event.

●     X-rays - We cover for up to R480 per event.

●     Dentist visits - We cover up to R695 per visit with a maximum of 3 visits a year.

●     Pregnancy - We cover maternity care for up to R565 per visit and allow for 3 visits per pregnancy.

●     Eye doctor (optometrist) - We cover you up to R1400 per visit.

2. Amazing in hospital benefits

We also offer great in hospital benefits (for when you stay in hospital):

●     Casualty illness - These are emergency treatments for illnesses that do not require overnight hospital stays. Casualty refers to the emergency department in a hospital. We cover you for up to R5000 for life-threatening emergencies in casualty units.

●     Casualty accident - These are emergency treatments for accidents that do not require overnight hospital stays. We cover you for up to R5000 for accident events in casualty units.

●     Accident cover - We cover accidents for up to R220 000 per event and up to R440 000 per family per event - these are the things you didn’t see coming.

●     Illness In Hospital - We cover up to R55 000 per event per person and up to R137 500 per insured each year.

●     Dread Disease - We cover up to R275 000 per disease per year

●     Natural Birth and Emergency Caesareans - We cover up to R55 000 per insured event per person

●     Accident disability - We cover accidents for up to R200 000 per event.

●     Family death cover - We hope these things never happen, but when they do we cover the main member for R14 000, your partner for R14 000, children between 14 and 21 for R14 000, children between 6 and 13 for R6900, children between 1 and 5 for R3450 and unborn children for R1750.

●     We also cover trauma, assault, accidental HIV and costs associated with funeral homes.

●     We have a 24-hour medical assistance line that can help you in emergencies and have an ambulance come and take you to the nearest hospital.

3. Get paid before you see the doctor

Oh yes, it gets better - with us, you get paid BEFORE you see your doctor.

With our simple and smart Onecard that is couriered to you when you become a member of the Oneplan family, we can pay you before you get the medical care you need.

When you need to claim, all you have to do is login to our easy to use Oneplan App, load your claim amount and the funds will be sent to your Onecard within seconds. It’s that easy!

You then use your Onecard to swipe at your doctor’s office.

We also have an amazing team of qualified nurses for you to chat to through the Oneplan App for any medical and health-related questions you may have - it might even save you a trip to the doctor!

So, if you are a professional working man or woman, then go for our Professional Plan.

Yours in health,


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