Pet Insurance Excess Buster: Say Goodbye To Your Excess With Oneplan


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Pet Insurance Excess Buster

If you are looking for a way to say goodbye to your pet insurance excesses when it comes to costly hospital bills, then you are barking up the right tree.

As with all short-term insurance products, pet insurance policies will include excess payments where you will have to pay in a certain portion of your bill in the event of a claim. But what if we told you that for the cost of a doggie treat, we could waive all in-hospital excess amounts? It’s called our Excess Buster, and it’s pawesome.

What’s an excess?

Before we get into the exciting bit about our unique Excess Buster, let’s first explain exactly what an excess is…

An excess is the amount you have to pay in for a claim. With Oneplan (that’s us) we have excess fees that apply for accident and illness cover.

How this typically works is that you will have to pay for the first portion of the accident or illness bill and we will pay the remaining amount.

What’s an accident?

Accidents are the stuff you didn’t see coming - when your pet is involved in an accident, for example - gets hit by a car, falls from a height or is involved in a fight with another animal and this requires you to immediately rush him or her to the vet.

To be considered an accident, it needs to have resulted in an injury (bruises, scrapes and other bodily harm). Accidents do not include issues that have developed over time such as bone issues or sores on the pet’s body.

What’s an illness?

An illness is an issue (disease or sickness) that started after your insurance policy began. If your pet’s illness reoccurs in a 6 month period, then these costs will be covered as part of the initial illness claim, ensuring it is under your cover limit (the max amount we pay for a claim).

Still a little confused? Have a look at this blog: Pet Insurance Basics: The Difference Between Accident and Illness Cover

What are Oneplan’s excess fees?

For illness and accident cover, we have excess fees that apply - the excess is the amount you have to pay in for a claim, from month 1 to 6 of your policy these are 25%, and from month 7 onwards these are only 10%. 

Keep in mind that there is a minimum excess amount of R500. This means that if your excess works out to be less than R500, then we will deduct the full R500. This is also known as a compulsory excess amount.

Tell me more about the Oneplan Excess Buster

This is the part we have been wagging our tails over!

The Oneplan Excess Buster is a little add-on product that costs as much as a yummy dog treat. So this means that for an additional R40 (Hospital and Classic Plans) or R45 (Pet Super Plan) a month, we will ensure that all hospital excess amounts are waived. This means you DO NOT have to pay excess for in-hospital fees.

We all know how expensive vet bills can be, especially in-hospital fees which include surgery, medication, vet care and more. Having an excess buster can and will save you thousands of rands in medical bills.

Veterinary care is expensive

In case you aren’t quite sold on the benefits of an excess buster, we thought it might help to explain just how expensive vet bills really are…

If your precious pet is injured from an accident, then the costs of vet bills tend to skyrocket.

An MRI scan for your vet to identify the extent of the injuries can cost between R9 000 and R10 000. Even just a standard X-ray can cost R3 000. This does NOT include the costs of consultation and treatment.

If a specialised surgery is required, then this can cost from R10 000 or more.

Something to keep in mind about the Excess Buster

Keep up in mind that the Excess Buster will only cover up to your policy limits. This is the max amount of cover you have according to your plan.

You also have an annual limit (the max amount we will pay for claims for the year) outlined in your policy, which is why we encourage you to always read your plan. 

Our Excess Buster does not apply to our accident-only plan. But did you know that this is our only pet insurance plan that does NOT have age limits for pets? This means that if your dog is older than the age limit that applies to our other plans, you can still take out our accident cover.

The bottom line

We are always looking for ways to make our pet insurance cuddle-worthy and our Excess Buster helps us to do that.

Save yourself from the surprise costs of vet care with this awesome add-on product. And the best part? It only costs between R40 and R45 (depending on your plan).

Yours in cuddle-worthy pet insurance,


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