Are You Guilty Of One Of These Bad Driving Habits? (6 Bad Habits That Are Costing You Money)


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Are You Guilty Of One Of These Bad Driving Habits

We get it, we all make mistakes when we drive. No one is perfect and we are all guilty of a few bad driving habits. But the thing is, some of these bad habits are actually causing some serious damage to your car, which, in turn, can end up costing you a whole bunch of money.

While forgetting to use your signal to turn or tailgating are both dangerous and annoying to other drivers, there are other bad driving habits that can have a negative effect on the condition of your car.

6 bad driving habits you need to hit the brakes on

1. Not slowing down over speedbumps

We have all done it where we forget to properly slow down over speed bumps. We often feel as though these bumps are more annoying than useful and just don’t have the time or the patience to drive over them at an appropriate speed.

But here’s the thing…

Speed bumps are created to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe. When you hit a speed bump with speed, then you can dent your bumper and the components in the undercarriage of your car.

When you cause damage to the bottom of your car, because it’s not exactly visible damage, you can never be sure of the extent of it. This means that if you have hit your car hard on a speed bump, you need to get it checked out at your local mechanic (like right now).

2. Hitting potholes

We get it, it’s not always easy to miss a pothole, especially when there seem to be new ones popping up every day.

When you hit a pothole, this can cause damage to your car’s steering, alignment and suspension, all of which is pretty serious.

This is why you need to ensure you stay alert when driving, especially in areas you do not know as you never know when a pothole might show up.

3. Not coming to a complete stop when you shift from reverse to drive

You might feel as though you just don’t have the patience or the time to come to a complete stop to shift from reverse to drive or vice versa, but every time your car is moving when you shift between these two gears, your transmission takes on some damage.

You need to ensure that your car has come to a complete stop before shifting between these two gears to prevent any damage from taking place.

4. Not using your parking brake

This is something a large number of drivers are guilty of.

It’s essential that you make use of your parking brake every time you park your car, regardless of the kind of terrain you are parked on.

The parking brake is the only thing that can keep your wheels locked in place. If you don’t use it, then this can place additional stress and premature wear and tear on other parts of your car.

In fact, you should engage your parking brake BEFORE shifting your car into park to reduce any stress placed on your car’s transmission.

5. Waiting until the last minute to fill up your car

As soon as your fuel light comes on, you need to put fuel in your car.

Did you know that fuel is able to act as a form of coolant in your car’s fuel system? This means that when you consistently have too little gas in the tank, then this can cause other parts to overheat and eventually malfunction.

6. Ignoring the lights on your dashboard

The warning lights on the dashboard is your car’s way of asking for help. It’s basically giving you a sign that something is wrong. Don’t ignore it!

If you leave these emergency lights on and don’t get your car checked out, then this could leave you stranded on the side of the road when your car breaks down. Not only that but when you get issues checked out the moment they become apparent, then this can save you a whole heap of money in repair bills.

Bonus tip - make sure your car is insured

Another bad habit is not having car insurance.

If you are involved in a car accident or your car is stolen, do you have the cash to replace your car? Chances are highly unlikely. And even if you did have that kind of money lying around, wouldn’t you rather spend it on a luxury holiday?

Car insurance helps save you from the surprise costs of accidents, theft and even fire. Which is a reality for all drivers on our roads.

Make sure you have comprehensive car insurance that covers you for these unexpected (and extremely high) costs.

At Oneplan, we even let you choose how much cover you want using a sliding scale. You can select a percentage of cover you want based on a price you can afford. It’s that simple (and that awesome).

Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,


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