Oneplan Funeral Cover: Health Insurance That Includes Cover For Family Deaths


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Oneplan Funeral Cover

Did you know that if you have health insurance with us, we include benefits for funeral cover too? Here’s everything you need to know about our healthcare cover.

Looking after your loved ones and family in the time of the death of a loved one is never easy for anyone involved. You never know when someone you love might pass away, you might get one phone call and everything could change. And at that moment, do you have the funds needed to afford a funeral?

Health insurance with family death cover

Having health insurance is an important step to take in ensuring your family get the healthcare they need, but when accidents happen and when someone passes away, you need to also ensure you have a form of funeral cover in place.

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Luckily with Oneplan Health Insurance, we include family death cover in ALL of our healthcare plans.

If you and your family have health insurance with us, when a family member dies, we will pay you a lump sum based on your chosen health care plan. 

We also help cover the costs of repatriation (these are the expenses associated with returning a body to a funeral home).

Funerals are expensive

Burying a loved one can be very expensive. Funerals can cost anywhere between R6000 and up to R50 000.


Cremating a loved one costs roughly R5000, this includes collecting the ashes from the crematorium, but this DOES NOT include the costs of flowers and food.

If you want to scatter the ashes of a loved one, then this might be an additional cost depending on where you want to scatter them.


The biggest expense is the casket. A very basic coffin could cost R700 and a more detailed and beautiful casket could cost R8000. Some top of the range coffins sells for R40 000 or more.

Then you need to purchase a grave, this will cost between R1500 to R6000.

Then the cost of the tombstone can be between R1500 to R7000 (Yikes - that’s a lot of money!)


The cost of a goat is roughly R1000 and a cow is R6000. This does not include any side dishes.


These prices range from R100 to R5000 and will depend on what flowers you choose and how many you want to have.

Tent and venue hire

These costs range from R400 to R10 000 or more.


Charges for the storage of the body at the funeral home, processing the documents, preparing the body will amount to roughly R4000.


This will depend on the distance and the charges of the funeral home.

Why it pays to have funeral cover

Funeral cover is a great way to ease yourself of the financial stress of paying for the burial because dealing with the loss of a loved one is stressful enough.

With funeral cover you will have the funds needed to help pay for the funeral and extra expenses, it's affordable and your family won't go into more debt.

Health insurance with family death cover

At Oneplan, ALL of our health insurance plans include cover for the remains of a loved one to be sent to a funeral home and cover for the loss of a family member.

If you have a health insurance plan with us, which also gives you access to private doctors and hospitals and includes amazing cover for day-to-day benefits like doctor visits, we also include cover for a family death.

Death cover

Let’s look at an example…

Our Blue Plan which costs R690 a month includes the following cover for death:

●     Principal Insured: R7 500

●     Spouse/Partner: R7 500

●     Children 14-21 yrs: R7 500

●     Children 6-13 yrs: R3 750

●     Children 1-5 yrs: R1 900

●     Children unborn(28 weeks) to younger than one year: R1 100

There is a 3 month waiting period for a natural death (due to disease, an operation or age), but there is no waiting period for accidental death.

Our top plan which costs R1180 (Our Executive Plan) has the following family death cover benefits:

●     Principal Insured: R20 000

●     Spouse/Partner: R20 000

●     Children 14-21 yrs: R20 000

●     Children 6-13 yrs: R9 600

●     Children 1-5 yrs: R4 800

●     Children unborn(28 weeks) to younger than one year: R2 450

Repatriation costs

This means the returns of a person’s body to the funeral home as selected by you (closest to where you are going to bury your loved one). Cover is paid directly to the third party who is transporting the remains.

Why it pays to have health insurance that includes funeral cover

It becomes clear as to just how expensive funeral costs can be, which is why it helps to have some form of funeral cover in place.

With health insurance, not only does your family get the medical care they need which can help them lead longer and healthier lives, but in the unfortunate event of a loved one passing, you will also get the cover you need to help afford the costs of a funeral and give your loved one the dignified funeral they deserve.

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