Ever wondered what the colour of your urine means? Well, it’s actually linked to your health…


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We investigate what the colour of your urine says about your health and the findings are interesting!

This might be something you have wondered about a number of times when you went to the bathroom, and let me tell you, you are not alone. Sometimes your urine is not always pale yellow (this is the colour that it should be), and sometimes that’s okay.

Of course, if you have any concern about the colour of your urine, then chat with your doctor about it. It helps if you have health insurance which helps cover the costs of doctor bills and prescription medication, and if you have to go to the hospital, then that’s covered too.

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Here’s what the colour of your urine means

You might be quite shocked to know that apart from the normal pale yellow colour that your urine should be, your urine can actually come in a range of colours - some of these are healthy and some of them are not.

We find out what these various colours mean and when they might be an indication of a serious health condition.

Pink or red

Pink or red urine might be a sign of a mild or even a serious health concern. The biggest concern with pink or red urine is bleeding which is known as hematuria - blood in the urine.

This could signal a UTI (urinary tract infection) that is often easy to treat or a kidney stone. UTIs are very common and can be easily treated with anitbitoics if you catch the infection in time!

If it is more serious then it might be urinary tract cancer. If you can see that your urine is pink or red then you need to make an appointment to see your doctor for a urine test.

But before you freak out, also keep in mind if you have eaten any berries or beets as these can make your urine a shade of pink.


If your urine is orange then this might a safe side effect of a certain medication you are taking. One specific kind of drug that does this is Phenazopyridine - this is used to treat discomfort or pain in your urinary tract. Your urine might also be orange if you have drunk orange juice or eaten something with orange dye or even carrots can make your urine orange.

If you get a fright when your urine is orange then phone your doctor to ask about the side effects of medication.

Pale yellow

Ding ding ding - this is the winning colour of health. This means that you are well-hydrated and healthy.

If your urine is a bit of a darker yellow, then make sure you drink some more water as you might be a bit dehydrated.

Bright yellow

Just like orange, this urine colour is often linked to multivitamins and supplements. Lots of vitamins can turn your urine a bright almost neon yellow. The most common one to do this is vitamin B2. this neon colour is harmless, it just means your body is ridding itself of excess vitamins that it doesn’t need.

Blue or green

The bacteria that causes UTIs known as pseudomonas can turn your urine a dark shade of bluish green. This might sound pretty unusual, but it can happen to people who have catheters.

Eating asparagus can also turn your urine into a light shade of green and make it smell strange.


If your urine looks like the colour of cola, then you need to make an appointment to see your doctor. It might be a pigment from something you ate, but it could also be a sign of liver disease.

Rhabdomyolysis is what happens when protein is released into your bloodstream and it is toxic to your kidneys, it is a side effect of extreme exercise or trauma and can result in brown urine.

Your urine might also look brown from blood. Blood in your urinary tract can form a blood clot and turn your urine a very dark brown colour if not peed out quickly. It might take a while for your urine to travel from your kidneys when this clot is produced, but if this is the case then you may not be bleeding internally right now, but you might have at some point.

Cloudy or foamy

Eating a diet with lots of protein can cause your urine to appear foamy, a UTI might also have this effect.


If your urine is clear, then you might be overdoing it with your water intake. If you have recurring kidney stones then your doctor might tell you to aim for clear urine, if not then you need to slow down on the H2O.

Stay healthy. Watch your urine colour - it means more than you know.

Yours in health,


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