But like, do I really need pet insurance? Yeah, you do & here’s why…


Why insuring your pet is worth every penny...

You really love your little Whiskers. He is one of a kind and a feline family member that brings an immense amount of joy to your life…

Well, this was until he got a little roughed up by that big and mean neighbourhood cat and ended up needing a visit to the vet and some stitching up which ended up in you having to fork out thousands of rands to the vet - not ideal.

"If you own a pet, then your little furbaby getting injured or sick is just a part of the deal, the same comes with having kids."

Thanks to vaccinations, better foods for your furkids and an overall improvement in vet care for pets - our furkids are living much longer than before. This also means that our pets are more prone to suffering from more age-associated illnesses such as cancer.

 As treatment becomes more sophisticated and vets begin to use top notch equipment - vet care is becoming more expensive.

 More people are starting to opt for pet insurance which is a form of health cover for your pets.

 Healthcare for your pets can be incredibly expensive, routine care such a vaccinations are costly as it is, then there’s the unexpected costs of accidents and illness which can set you back a pretty penny.

Pet insurance is great for helping to cover the unplanned and unexpected vet visits for your pets and helps you to save a whole bunch in medical fees.

Here are some reasons why you need pet insurance:

●     Dogs and cats get sick

 There is no way around this. Just like humans get sick, your furbabies do too and sadly there is nothing we can do about this.

 ●     Dogs and cats get in accidents and get injured

 Whether your pet is a little naughty, brave, or simply unlucky, accidents can and do happen at any time including broken bones, torn nails, lacerations, or getting hit by a car - just to list a few.

 ●     Pet insurance is the responsible thing to do

 Just as you insure your car, your house and your family’s health - insuring your pet is the right and responsible thing to do!

 ●     Vet bills can amount to a small fortune and are often unexpected

 Your pet having an operation can cost you anywhere from R2000 to R10 000 or more! Not many of us have that kind of cash lying around and having to dip into our savings is just not worth it when you can have pet insurance.

Why Oneplan is the pet insurance you should choose:

There are currently a large number of pet insurance companies out there and choosing the right one for you can be difficult.

So, in order to make your life easier, because we believe in hassle-free insurance because we care about you and your furkids - we have put a little list together for you:

●      Instant everything - Sign up in one minute and get insured in one minute with Oneplan.

●      Zero paperwork, zero hassle - Out with the old and in with the new - our paperless and instant claim system allows for you to upload your claim through our Oneplan App or online.

●      Get paid before you see the vet - That’s right, unlike other insurers who make you pay upfront to the vet, we pay you first! All you have to do is upload your claim and the funds will be loaded onto your Onecard within seconds for you to swipe at the vet as you would a debit card.

●      Access to your policy from the palm of your hand - Instantly access your policy through our Oneplan App, you can also message any one of our pet-loving team members with any questions you may have from your app.

●      Upfront, honest and easy to understand cover - We try our best to make insurance simple and easy to understand in every way that we can.

●      Quality cover you can afford - We offer more benefits for your premium compared to other insurers.

If you want to view at our range of plans, have a look right here.

Yours in paws,


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