3 reasons why our Pet Super Plan is the pet insurance of your dreams (and your pet’s)




Hint - It’s rather SUPERior

Calling all pooch parents, paw-loving owners, furkid friends and all those who love their little furry balls of love…

If pet insurance is something you have been looking into getting to help cover the scary costs of owning a pet and if you perhaps prefer more cover, more benefits and more of pretty much everything - then do we have the pet insurance plan you have been looking for...

You probably have health insurance or some form of medical aid for you and perhaps your family too and we get that our furkids are just as much a part of the family as our crazy aunts, not-so-funny uncles and even our overbearing parents - so our pets should have health insurance too - right?

We all know that the cost of medical care for our pets can often amount to thousands of rands.

Just when you thought you were in the process of getting your bikini bod beach ready for that holiday you have been planning for months now, or were finally able to get your hands on that new set of golf clubs - your precious little poochy gets in a fight with another dog at the park…

You then end up having to fork out THOUSANDS of rands in vet care and other procedures for the sake of your pet’s health.

Of course, we would do anything for our furkids, but breaking the bank and missing out on life’s little luxuries shouldn’t be sacrifices we have to make...

No matter what kind of paw-parent you are - whether you have a meowing Whiskers or a slobbering Spike - here is why our top of the pops Pet Super Plan at R368 per month is the plan you can’t afford not to have…


1. More cover than any other plan and more benefits

This should be pretty obvious, but the fact of the matter is that this plan truly is the top of the pops, or should we say - top of the pups.

"Compared to other comprehensive pet insurance plans, ours is without a doubt one of the best when it comes to offering you more cover for your premium."

With our Pet Super Plan you are covered for:


  • Up to R1 350 per vet visit
  • R770 every year for routine care
  • Up to R44 000 in accident cover and the same for illness cover
  • Up to R150 per day for kennel costs should you suffer from an unexpected illness and no one is there to look after your furkid (with R1 500 cover in kennel costs every year)


Not to mention the fact that our pet insurance offers more quality cover options compared to cost than any other insurer - but we already said that. 


2. Get paid BEFORE you see the vet

Let’s repeat that - with Oneplan, we PAY YOU before you see the vet.

We don’t believe in making you pay for vet care and visits to the vet, that’s why, once you process a claim from the palm of your hand (using our simple Oneplan App), the funds will get loaded onto your Onecard within seconds!

It’s that simple!

Your Onecard is basically a unique debit card and is used in the same way in that all you have to do is swipe, enter your pin and VOILA - VET PAID!


3. ZERO paperwork, ZERO hassle, instant claims

We don’t believe in complicated insurance, we don’t believe in complicated claims - but what we do believe in is…


That’s why our paperless claims system allows for you to simply upload your claim info all from our Oneplan App and we take it from there.

No more filing paperwork, trying to find invoices, receipts and paper proof and more time to spend with your beloved ball of cuddly companionship.

Did we mention that you can also update and view any personal information, find out about your cover, send us questions for things you don’t understand and SO MUCH MORE from our app?

These are just 3 reasons why our Pet Super Plan is the superior plan of your dreams, but we also have another two pet plans for you to have a look at.

We believe in pet insurance that is upfront, simple, honest and easy. That’s what makes us different to any other insurer and why we should be your only choice.

Don’t believe us? Have a chat with your furkid, they have probably heard of the best pet insurance out there - that’s us by the way.

The thing is, we truly care about the health of your pet and your peace of mind.


Yours in paws,


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