Need affordable health cover? 3 reasons why our core plan is the health insurance you need


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Medical aid is expensive, even hospital plans on medical aid are expensive, find out why our core plan is the plan of your budget dreams

December is around the corner and as a result we are all starting to save for the holidays, christmas, family time and maybe even a little getaway.

We all know the risks associated with not having medical aid as our public hospitals are often overrun, especially during the festive period.

"And the last thing you want to be doing is sitting for hours waiting to see a doctor."

The thing is, life is complicated and health insurance shouldn’t be. That’s why we have created a health plan that is designed to suit your lifestyle and your wallet and cover you for the things that matter most, today.

If you want to read more about how to avoid becoming one of the 44 million South Africans without access to private healthcare - click here - we wrote about it.

Right then, let’s get back to our plan...

How much does it cost?

From as little as R365p/m, you’ll have access to day-to-day benefits as well as access to private hospital care with your Core Health Plan.

What makes this plan so great?

1. More than just hospital cover - we also cover day-to-day medical costs

It is often the case with hospital plans is that they are just that - a hospital plan.

And because of this you will not be covered for general check ups and routine care.

But that is not the case with Oneplan. We want you to stay healthy and care about your health, that’s why we also offer a range of out of hospital benefits:

●     Doctor visits - You will be covered for up to R320 per visit to your doctor.

●     Scripted medication - We also cover you for up to R145 per script.

●     Blood tests - We cover up to R405 per event.

●     X-rays - We cover for up to R405 per event.

●     Dentist visits - We cover up to R550 per visit with a maximum of 3 visits a year.

●     Pregnancy - We cover maternity care for up to R555 per visit and allow for 3 visits per pregnancy.

●     Eye doctor (optometrist) - We cover you up to R950 per visit.

2. Amazing in hospital benefits

We also offer fantastic in hospital benefits:

●     Casualty illness - These are emergency treatments for illnesses that do not require overnight hospital stays. Casualty refers to the emergency department in a hospital. We cover you for up to R4900 for life threatening emergencies in casualty units.

●     Casualty accident - These are emergency treatments for accidents that do not require overnight hospital stays. We cover you for up to R4900 for accident events in casualty units.

●     Accident cover - We cover accidents for up to R140 000 per event and up to R280 000 per family per event - these are the things you didn’t see coming.

●     Accident disability - We cover accidents for up to R180 000 per event.

●     Family death cover - We hope these things never happen, but when they do we cover the main member for R7500, your partner for R7500, children between 14 and 21 for R7500, children between 6 and 13 for R3750, children between 1 and 5 for R1850 and unborn children for R1100.

●     We also cover trauma, assault, accidental HIV and costs associated with funeral homes.

●     We have a 24 hour medical assistance line that can help you in emergencies and have an ambulance come and take you to the nearest hospital.


3. Get paid before you see the doctor

You read that right - we pay you before you see the doctor.

When your cover starts we will send you your own Oneplan card. This card will be used to pay for medical visits. All you have to do is download our Oneplan App, upload your claim amount and we transfer the funds to your Onecard in one minute.

We also let you go to any doctor you like. Meaning you don’t have to stick to a specific list we provide you with. You pick the doctor, we pay your claim.

Our claims process is easy, paperless and hassle free.

So, if you are looking for health insurance that is uncomplicated, makes your day better, and simple - then Oneplan is the way to go.

Yours in health,


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