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insurance for women’s health

Being a woman is hard, being a mom is harder. Your health insurance shouldn’t be.

This Women’s Month we’re talking all things women’s health. A huge part of that is finding a health insurance policy that supports all avenues of healthcare for women: maternity care, specialist visits, scripted medication and routine care.

As a woman, you have particular health care needs that you need to prioritise. And you need to be able to afford them. Nobody should have to miss out on quality medical attention because of a low budget, and that’s where we come in.

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Why do women need health insurance? 

If you knew you could have access to private healthcare for your most important needs, wouldn’t you want to jump on board? 

Private healthcare is the glowing benefit of health insurance. As a woman, you must receive healthcare in a facility that is safe, well-staffed and up to date with women’s health. Private hospitals in South Africa can offer you all of these things, it’s just an issue of getting your foot in the door.

The average South African cannot afford private healthcare without medical aid or health insurance. Visits to specialists like the gynaecologist or visiting a doctor for a mammogram can come with a hefty price tag, but that’s not an excuse to skip them. A good health insurance policy should give you access to:



Preparing your policy

Health insurance is especially important for women who are planning on falling pregnant. If you have a policy before you get pregnant, you will have access to fantastic maternity benefits. With Oneplan, you need to join a health insurance policy seven months before you fall pregnant. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared to make the most out of your benefits.

Maternity benefits with Oneplan

Please note that these prices are reflective of the date that this article was written. For up to date pricing, please follow this link.

When you’re starting a family, you want all the peace of mind you can muster. You’ll never feel completely relaxed, but it helps to know that you have the support and medical care that you and your baby require.

At Oneplan, we offer four policies that suit your budget and your lifestyle. Each one of them offers cover for pre-birth costs like ultrasounds and visits to the doctor. We cover you after your 16th week of pregnancy, which is usually when all the high costs start to trickle in.

Our least expensive plan, the Core Plan, covers you for up to R585 per visit and three doctors visits per pregnancy. Your annual limit for pre-birth costs is R1755. This money is dedicated to gynaecologist and midwife visits as well as sonars that are taken by your practitioner.

One step up from the Core Plan is our Blue Plan. This is where you start accessing cover for natural birth and emergency caesareans. Cover for giving birth will form part of illness and operations and if you went with our Core Plan, you would have up to R50 000 towards your delivery.

Maternity cover with the Executive Plan

While we would consider all of our plans suitable for expecting moms, we are super proud of the maternity visits on your Executive Plan. For the pre-birth cover, you will have an annual limit of R2 520 that is dedicated to four doctors visits during your pregnancy. When it comes to delivery (Natural Birth and Emergency Caesareans), you will have R70 000 per insured event.

Considering that private hospitals expect a sizable deposit and proof of medical aid or health insurance before they operate, it’s a good idea that you have maximum coverage for maximum health care for you and your baby.

Our Executive Plan is also the only plan that allows you to claim for specialist visits). You can claim for up to R2 000 per visit. 

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