8 Common Yet Strange Cat Behaviours Explained


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8 Common Yet Strange Cat

From rolling to kneading and even interrupting your phone calls - cats might seem a little crazy! But as it turns out, there are some purrfectly logical explanations to these strange actions.

Does your cat often confuse you? Are there times when you feel like your bond can’t be broken and then Whiskers attacks your legs when you’re walking past?

FYI - cats pounce on their owners as a way of playing with them and wanting attention.

Many cat parents might struggle to understand their cats as they try everything they can to please and care for their furry members of the family.

We explore 8 of the most common crazy cat behaviours, why your cat does them and even how you can learn to cope with them (well, kinda).

1. Presenting their butt to you

Why do cats have to present their butts to us? You will be lying on the couch when Whiskers decides to join you and push his butt into your face. It’s actually kinda gross, right?

The thing is, this is a compliment!

When your cat feels secure and confident around you, he will graciously offer you the opportunity of a butt sniff. So, Whiskers is basically giving you a little hug and a kiss, as if greeting a friend or loved one.

Of course, we don’t expect you to sniff your cat’s butt to reciprocate this loving action, a back scratch will suffice.

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2. Rolling

Do you often find Whiskers rolling around on the floor in front of you? This action is typically a sign of comfort and perhaps a little attention-seeking, meaning that Whiskers wants a back scratch and some love.

Cats can also mark their territories this way, spreading their scent.

3. Covering their poop

Did you know that not all cats cover their poop?

Cats will learn their litterbox etiquette from their moms who will typically encourage them to cover their dirty business befoe leaving the litterbox.

In some cases, cats will leave their poop uncovered to mark their territory.

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4. Eating grass

Some experts believe that grass is a natural laxative for cats. It can also add fibre to their diet and other important vitamins your cat needs.

5. Winking

Does this mean Whiskers is flirting with you? Nope. When your cat winks at you, this is known as a cat kiss. A slow wink from your cat is a compliment to you. It is a signal that cats use to one another when they are comfortable around each other.

You can send the same signal back to your cat by slowly closing and then opening your eyes.

6. Interrupting phone calls

Does Whiskers love to meow or rub up against you when you’re on the phone? What about walking over your keyboard when you are trying to work on your laptop? Or trying to lie across your book when reading?

Basically, your cat is just jealous that you are showing other objects more attention than you are to him.

The solution to this would be to get your cat some fun and interactive toys to play with and ensure you are paying him enough one on one attention during the day.

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7. Kneading

Kneading is reflective of your cat’s emotions. Kneading with the front paws is generally thought to be a behaviour learnt from a kitten when nursing as this stimulates the release of milk from their mothers.

When adult cats knead, it typically means they are happy and content as they associate this motion with the comfort of their mothers, which is why some cats will also suckle on the surface they are kneading.

8. Headbutting

Have you ever noticed your cat headbutting you? The technical term for this is known as bunting. This refers to the way your cat presses up against you or objects and rubs his head against them.

Another similar action is known as allorubbing, and this is when your cat rubs his body against another cat, your dog or a human. This is your cat’s way of marking his scent and claiming you as his own.

Cats have scent glands located all over their bodies and they regularly use these to mark their scent on objects (and on you!).

Bunting and rubbing are used when your cat feels comforted and is trying to bond.

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The final meow

Cats certainly are strange creatures, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Spend time getting to know your cat and researching more about their unique character traits to strengthen the relationship between the two of you.

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