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an uninsured car

We don’t often want to paint any pictures of doom and gloom. We’d like to think we arouse positive and peaceful feelings within our clients (you). That being said, we won’t pass up the opportunity to give you a glimpse of the foreboding circumstances to come should you choose to forego car insurance (can we ask for a dramatic strike of the piano here?)

Approximately 70% of drivers on the roads are uninsured - which means that in the event of an accident the chances of them getting off scot-free is high. If something happens to your car (an accident, hijacking or damage etc) and you are uninsured, guess who’s going to be left with a hefty financial burden? We’ll give you a clue: they’re currently reading a blog off the Oneplan Insurance site with a sheepish look on their face.

Why do you need vehicle insurance?

Owning a vehicle is an expense in itself and getting it repaired or replaced makes the ordeal even pricier - which is why people invest in car insurance. Making a priority of your financial security can only hold you in good stead for the years to come and for when you need a helping hand out of a tricky situation.

Before we start: you can afford car insurance!

So many people skip on insurance because they think it is beyond their tax bracket, which just isn’t the truth!  (read about some of the myths and misconceptions about car insurance here). Almost eight million cars on South African roads are uninsured and we don’t want you to add to that statistic. 

Oneplan Insurance (that’s us) believe in accessible, simple insurance for everybody. Our comprehensive, adjustable insurance aims to provide a spectrum of options to make high-quality insurance available to whoever wants it. Check out our sliding scale system that gives you a range of 30% to 95% coverage that you adjust from the palm of your hand when you need to.

So now that you know that our insurance is too easy and affordable to let “complicated and expensive” be your excuses, let’s run through a few scenarios of what could happen to you and your vehicle and how they would play out without having car insurance, shall we?

Scenario 1: Your car got stolen (eye roll)

Somebody’s going to have a brand new car for free and it isn’t you, we’re afraid to say! If your car gets stolen (which all too often feels like a right of passage to becoming truly South African). In the event of car theft or hijacking without insurance, you are one hundred percent responsible for the replacement of your car. If the car is returned to you, you will also be paying out of pocket for any repairs. You will also miss out on the option of having a rental car provided for your interim period between vehicles, making it difficult for you or your family to move and groove.

Scenario 2: You drove into somebody (oops)

Whether it was a small ding in a tight parking space or a more serious collision, you definitely don’t want to be uninsured in the event of an accident that was your fault. You are liable to pay the cost of the damage which can very quickly amount to thousands, if not tens of thousands of rands. You may think luck will be on your side if the driver you crashed into is insured but no no - the other parties insurance broker has the right to name you as the guilty party liable for payment and you’ll need to cough up the cash.

Scenario 3: Somebody drove into you (eish)

Given the numbers we spoke about earlier, the chances of an uninsured driver crashing into you are unnervingly high. What is the protocol for when two uninsured people whack into each other? There isn’t one. The two parties will have to be left to their own devices and hope that the mediation of payments and damage repair is amicable.

Without insurance, you will have to deal personally with the other party, which can take a lot of time and back and forth before an agreement is met. You also run the chances of dealing with somebody who does not want to take responsibility for the accident and can leave you with the financial burden. An insurance broker will handle all matters on your behalf when dealing with a third party, alleviating a whole lot of stress and hair-pulling conversations.

The great thing about Oneplan is that all of our car insurance is comprehensive. That means that even if you are choosing the cheapest option, you will be covered in the event of a third party accident. Brush up on your third party knowledge by popping onto this blog!

Scenario 4: You got car insurance and never worried about the first 3 ever again

Look after yourself the way you deserve to be looked after - make sure that you and your family are as protected as possible for when the going really does get tough. Preparation is the way to a peaceful life and we would love to be a part of making that happen! Get in touch with us to get back on track with your vehicle insurance. 

Yours in affordable insurance,


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