6 easy hacks to make your home safer (& save on household insurance)


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Keep yourself and your home safe with these awesome tips and even save on household insurance too!

There are some things that we all know we really should get around to, from cleaning out the gutters on our roof, fixing our faulty alarm that keeps going off to just making sure that one lock on the door works properly (for once). But the truth is, we don’t always have the time.

Well, we are asking you for just one morning or one afternoon which will help you from making claims in your household insurance this year and could even save you money when it comes to how much you pay for your insurance - hint - the better your security, the less you pay, the less you claim, the less you pay - you get the point.

These handy hacks and fixes will take you an hour to do (maybe more), but it won’t take you long!

1. Make sure your geyser is in working order

If you are thinking “I don’t even know where my geyser is let alone what it looks like”, you are not alone!

But, having a burst geyser is a recipe for disaster and often the cause of expensive damage and household insurance claims.

First things first, you need to find your geyser. Once you know where it is, go outside and find the overflow pipe connected to it. If this is dripping, then this is most likely a sign of an issue. Get a plumber to come and check this out.

You should also see if you can get a good look of your geyser - next thing you need to do is get a torch and a ladder, if you can reach your geyser, have a quick look to make sure it is not looking too old, rusty or causing any damp in your roof. If you are unsure about something, then call an expert.

If you have never checked your geyser before and live in quite an old home, then this should be a priority!

2. Find the switch for your water mains

This might also seem like a tricky situation to navigate, but by finding this you can stop any water issues such as a burst water pipe by turning off the water mains.

This is normally a switch located on the outside of your house or apartment.

3. Put in some security lights

When you add lights with sensors at certain points around your home, then this could stop a break-in from happening! Focus on areas such as the entrances to your home - your front door and garage.

Your security company will be able to do this for you.

While we are on the topic of security, install a burglar alarm and bars at opening windows - this will result in you paying less for your home insurance and also keep you and your home safe form break ins.

4. Get to the garden!

Have a walk around your garden and try to trim or get rid of any bushes that could be used in to hide in near your gate when driving in or any tree branches hanging near your boundary wall or fence that could be used as an easy way into your garden.

5. Get a fire extinguisher

This one might seem silly, but it can save your life. If you don’t want an extinguisher then look into getting a fire blanket. Most household fires start by accident in the kitchen, so keep it close to the kitchen.

6. Clean out your gutters

If the gutters on your roof are filled with leaves, then it’s about time you get them cleaned out. Not doing so can result in water building up on your roof and damage the structure of your roof and cause serious issues in the future such as leaks, or worse, your roof caving in.

7. BONUS! Some extra tips

Make sure you secure any loose tiles that could be a tripping hazard.

Clean out your braai area and get rid of any dry bushes or shrubs that could be a fire hazard.

Make sure your roof has been sealed -  Check for gaps and cracks on your roof and fill them in with a sealant or filler.

And if you haven’t done this already, then make sure you have household insurance for when things do go wrong.

Yours in hassle-free household insurance,


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