Here are 7 simple tips for keeping your dog calm when visiting the V-E-T


Follow these tips to make you and your dog’s life much easier for those dreaded vet visits

Ah, those dreaded visits to the vet. They could even be worse than taking a small child to the dentist or doctor.

The vet can bring about a whole heap of anxiety for your precious pooch - and you!.

It often starts from the moment you get in the car and your fur baby realises he is NOT going to the park.

Of course, being able to afford these vet visits is a costly experience on its own. That’s why, if you have pet insurance (don’t worry, we do that too as well as great pet advice - what can we say, we love pets, maybe more than people), we can help you cover the costs of medical care for your pooch (or cat).

Right then, let’s get back to it.

1. It starts with your car

Some dogs are only ever transported in the car when they are going to the vet - it’s their first sign of panic.

So, your beloved Bruno will know something is up when you tell him to hop in. To prevent this panic, start taking Bruno to places in your car, like the park or the beach - this way he can associate the car with good things too!

If he has really bad anxiety, then try using calming music, there are some specialised music playlists for dogs (yes, really). Just do a quick Google search and you’ll find some!

2. Get some over the counter doggie drugs

Herbal calming remedies like rescue remedy, chamomile or brewer’s yeast are great for calming your precious pooch. Chat to your vet about some good options.

3. Make sure you pick a vet that connects with your dog

If you can visibly see that your dog does not like your vet, then get a new one. It’s that simple.

If your pet is covered with Oneplan pet insurance, then we let you choose any vet you want.

You need to choose someone who is kind and understanding when your dog is nervous. Sometimes though, vets, no matter how kind and nice they are, your dog just doesn't like him or her, so you have to choose a new vet.

4. Visit the vet regularly

This doesn’t mean you have to pay for a consultation every time, but the point is to get Bruno used to going to the vet and not scared. Call ahead and ask if you can pop past for a visit, and when you do, say hello to the vet, give Bruno a treat and then go home. It’s that simple.

It is also recommended that you take Bruno for a checkup every 6 months. That way your vet can pick up any underlying issues and treat them before they get worse.

5. Treats are your best friend (and Bruno’s)

And not just any treats, save the vet visits for the good stuff.

When he gets in the car, give him a treat and when you get to the vet - give him treat.

And after a shot or something not so nice happens at the vet - give him another treat (little ones of course.)

6. Teach Bruno some commands or tricks

It will be a lot less stressful for Bruno if you can ask him to perform a command instead of having to move him physically. For example, teach him to jump into the car or lie down on command.

This also helps keep his mind occupied when at the vet.

7. Remain calm (we are talking to you)

Bruno will pick up on your emotions and energies so try to act as calmly as possible. Try deep breathing before walking into the vet’s appointment and talk to Bruno in a calm and soothing voice, it is no use getting annoyed at him or feeling anxious because he is.

Don’t pick Bruno up and keep telling him it is going to be okay, he will think something is up, just say it once, show him love and act as though this is just another errand to run for the day.

With these simple tricks and hacks, going to the vet will be as easy as pie. And Bruno loves pie.

Yours in paws,


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