3 Astonishing health insurance benefits you need to take advantage of


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Astonishing Health Insurance Benefits

Not all health insurers are created equal. There are a couple of insurers that offer unique and unexpected benefits. And if you aren’t taking advantage of them, you’re really missing out! Let’s take a look.

When we think about health insurance, we tend to focus on simply getting reimbursed for medical care expenses. But with Oneplan, we provide so much more than just the run of the mill health insurance.

We offer some incredible benefits that are actual game-changers when it comes to health insurance and how you interact with your insurer and the health care system. 

We’re going to dive into our 3 biggest benefits and unpack exactly how you can use these benefits to your advantage. 

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1. Everything in the palm of your hand

There’s nothing like the endless stacks of insurance documents requiring you to initial there and sign here while simultaneously reading and filling everything out. 

Whew, we’re exhausted just thinking about it. That’s not how we do things though. You can manage everything easily from the palm of your hand.

Our Oneplan App is a simple and user-friendly way for you to manage your insurance policy and your claims. 

Almost anything and everything you need and want to do can be handled effortlessly online. Whether you’d like to request a quote, sign up, upload a claim or even add members to your current plans, the Oneplan has you covered. 

Submitting a claim has never been this easy and what’s better? We cover you BEFORE you see the doctor. This leads us to our magical OneCard. 

2. The Onecard

Our (not-so) secret weapon! The Onecard.

Have you ever been frustrated with your insurer as you wait for what feels like forever to be reimbursed after visiting the doctor? Not to mention that you’re often reimbursed for less than you anticipated. 

That’s precisely why we do things a little differently. We make sure to pay you before you go to the doctor and the process is seamless. This way you don’t have to put off going to the doctor if you don’t have the funds then and there, and you know exactly how much money you have for your doctor’s appointment. 

Once you join the Oneplan family, we’ll send you a Onecard. This magic little card is similar to a bank debit card and you’ll use this card to help pay for all the medical procedures covered by your policy.

Simply use the Oneplan App and submit the claim before you go to the doctor. Once we’ve received and processed your claim, we’ll send the funds directly to your Onecard.

3. Access to private medical care

Let’s be honest, private healthcare is expensive. And unfortunately, private healthcare in South Africa can often be seen as a necessity. 

Health insurance is the only way you can guarantee access to a private hospital in South Africa. It’s important to remember that private healthcare isn’t only about hospitals and health insurance is about more than hospitals too.

It includes access to doctors who have a private practice and not merely a GP but some speciality doctors too (this is largely dependent on your policy). Your dentistry is covered too! 

Health insurance ensures you’re covered for the cost of private healthcare including private doctors and dentists, hospital services and medication too. 

Be sure to take a look at everything you’ll be covered for here.

Additional bonus

We let you keep your doctor. We have done away with any and all prescribed doctors lists. We understand that you get comfortable with your preferred doctor and the last thing we’d want to do is force you to go to someone you aren’t familiar with.

You get to keep or choose whomever you like as long as they’re a registered doctor in South Africa. 

When it comes to health insurance, your main focus is the healthcare coverage you need. You look at a policy and make sure it covers everything you need. It’s important to look a little deeper than that though.

Are you with a health insurer that does more than they really need to? A health insurer that puts your needs and budgets above anything else?

If you aren’t, you should really do some research and see what other insurers can offer you. We highly recommend you reach out to us.

Grab a cup of coffee and request a call, we’ll be elated to chat to you about all things health insurance.


Yours in health insurance that truly cares,



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