Healthy ways you and the family can celebrate Earth Day


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Earth Day

Let’s all get excited because on April 22nd we are officially celebrating the one and only Mother Earth in the best way possible – through healthy, sustainable living! Here’s how you and the family should be celebrating today and every day after that.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much the Earth does for you? It provides you with oxygen, refuge and protection every single day – and that’s just naming a few. Our planet Earth comes to our rescue, and we owe it to her to return the favour, which is exactly what we plan on helping you do!

This year, and every year after that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that we are all doing our best to keep our planet safe and protected.

What is the 2022 Earth Day theme?

This year the theme for Earth is “Invest in Our Planet” which means that we are all going to remain committed to evaluating all of the activities that we do that impact our human health and the health of the environment. It’s about asking ourselves if we are truly contributing to a better tomorrow for generations to come.

Oh, but just because it is called Earth ‘Day’ doesn’t mean that the healthy and sustainable tips that we share now should only be practised today. No, these are tips that you are going to add to your everyday routines.

So, let’s discuss exactly how to do that!

Ways to celebrate Earth Day

Go on a walk through nature

It is easy to forget with our busy schedules how incredibly beautiful our planet is. From the green grass to the tall trees, blue bodies of water and mountain escapes, it’s clear that Earth loves to put on a show!

Now is your time to slow down and take it all in. Embrace all of the natural beauty that surrounds you and appreciate how gorgeous our lands are. So, grab the kids, get the dogs harnessed and go for a family walk or hike this week and take in all that Earth Day has to offer you.

Make an Earth Day resolution

Resolutions aren’t just saved for the New Year, they can start whenever you’d like, which is great since we want you to come up with a new Earth-related resolution that you will maintain for the rest of the year. This can be anything that will help keep our planet, climate and environment healthy.

That can range from anything between using less plastic, recycling, reducing your water consumption or limiting your energy use on a daily basis. The idea here is to be completely selfless. These resolutions are about protecting our natural resources, so the more resolutions you create, the better! Just don’t forget to get the whole family involved, with everyone having at least one Earth Day resolution.

Pick up trash in your neighbourhood

It is time to do your part towards a greener tomorrow by helping clean up our local neighbourhoods, especially when you notice trash lying around. The truth is that trash is a lot more harmful than we realize and has a negative impact on animal life and climate change.

Get the whole family involved by taking out a few black bags and stroll through your local parks, beach, recreational centre, playground and more and see who can collect the most trash – the winner can even get a prize. This can be a great Sunday afternoon initiative that helps keep your area clean and tidy for all.

Support your local farmer's markets

Who doesn’t enjoy a day out indulging in deliciously picked fruits and veg? Well. While you are feasting on all of this fresh produce you are helping the Earth immensely. When you show up at ethical and locally sustainable stalls you are helping fight against toxic, mass-produced products that are harmful to the planet.

When you shop locally, you are contributing to safely farmed items that have a lower impact on the environment. Oh, and they just taste better too, if we are being honest! So, get all of your fresh produce from the market. Just don’t forget your reusable bags!

Plant a tree

Who doesn’t love a good tree? Not only are they absolutely gorgeous to look ta but they help create shade, oxygen and hones for lots of animal and bird life, which is why we definitely need more of them. Don’t just dream about greener pastures – create them yourself.

Talk to your local municipality about planting more trees and foliage in your area as well as public spaces too! This is not only something fun that the whole family can get involved in (you can even name it too) but it’s something that generations can enjoy for a lifetime too!

The truth is that there are so many incredibly fun and unique ways for the entire family to get involved in Earth Day! The most important thing to remember is that whatever you do, make is long-lasting and life-improving. These need to be things that you all participate in together forever – not just today!


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