How to choose the perfect pawlicy for you and your pet


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The Perfect Pawlicy

Which pet insurance policy is going to be the best for your pet? Let’s help you narrow down the search!

So, you’re thinking about getting great pet insurance? High-five! When you become a pet parent, this is one of the big ones to check off of the list and we know that it can be daunting. Not only are there tons of plans available, but it can also be hard to know which one offers what and which one is best for your pet.

Thankfully, you’ve made it here. We (and by we, we mean the Oneplan Team) are excited to talk you through some of the plans that are out there that will suit your budget, your pet and your lifestyle. 

Each pet is different and should have tail-o-made pet insurance to keep them in good health.

Why do I need pet insurance?

You need pet insurance because believe it or not - health care for pets is expensive. Emergency health care for pets? Even more so. The cost of veterinary and vet hospital fees can skyrocket into the five figures before your eyes.

Far too many pet owners make the mistake of getting pet insurance when their pet is already ill or hurt - and that isn’t against the rules but it doesn’t help you get the most out of your insurance. You don’t only need insurance when your pet is sick, pet insurance is absolutely beneficial for healthy pets. It may seem hard to imagine your preppy pup or curious kitten coming into harm’s way but the truth is that accidents do happen and pets do fall ill. You can’t control the unexpected but you can be prepared with a fantastic pet insurance policy. 

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Accident plan

Accidents are unexpected physical injuries that are sustained by your pet. Wounds, broken bones or fractures are all types of incidents that might be considered under the Accident Plan. 

Say your pooch swallows something they shouldn’t have, and your vet needs to get it out. 

Fun fact: this procedure is known as foreign body removal. 

Another fun fact: this procedure could put you out a hefty R20 000. Now, if you know your dog and how they love to explore the world (and put things in their mouth), you’ll see how easy it could be to end up in that situation.

 That’s what an accident plan is for, and it’s a good option to have. You can read more about this paw-fect plan for budget savvy pet-parents here.

Hospital plan

We’ve covered how you can prepare for an accident, but what about illnesses? 

Healthcare for illnesses and diseases are also costs that you can take care of using pet insurance. Hospital costs can turn into whopping bills that the average South African really can’t afford. If you want to have financial support when your pet gets hurt AND when they get sick, you should choose a hospital plan. The Oneplan Hospital Plan covers you for hospital admission and post-operative care.

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Health insurance with all the bells and whistles

Okay, so what if you want to be covered for more than just accidents and illnesses? We have a couple of options we can recommend.

You see, unexpected costs aren’t the only expensive repercussions of being a pet owner. It’s also the day-to-day costs that start to add up. Plus, they’re inevitable so they’re easy to be prepared for if you have the right insurance policy.

At Oneplan, we have two plans that offer you comprehensive cover for day-to-day costs. Our Pet Classic Plan and our Pet Super Plan are designed to take care of the majority of the expected and unexpected costs, giving you the peace of mind that your pet will always have access to excellent healthcare. These plans cover you for the really big costs.

For example, if your pet should fall ill with cancer you will need to pay for lump removals, chemo and radiation. Treatment for cancer in animals can cost R50 000 or more. Without comprehensive pet insurance, these costs could be understandably impossible to cover. This is where a lot of pet parents are backed into a corner and need to consider euthanising their pet, which is another costly procedure in itself. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to choosing the policy that is best going to support your pet in their time of need. So why not jump here to chat with one of our experienced advisors to get the ball rolling on the paw-fect policy for you and your pet!


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