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Not in the mood to work out? Don’t worry, we’ve got 10 ways to help you burn calories without even realizing it!

Daily exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. That being said, that doesn’t exactly mean that we are always in the mood to workout. Thankfully, committing to your physical health doesn’t have to be a tedious thing. In fact, we’ve rounded up the top ways to exercise without even realizing it!

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Going for a walk

How well do you know your neighbourhood or your local park or even the nearby hiking trail? Walking around is a great form of exercise and a fantastic way to shed calories. Get your sneakers, grab your comfiest clothes and a bottle of water and get walking!

What’s great about this is that while you are taking in all of the sites and familiarizing yourself with an area, you’re shedding calories too! Bring the dogs along too and make it a family adventure!

Get your groove on

Yes, you read that correctly! You can totally dance away extra weight in no time. Better yet, you don’t even need to head to a proper Zumba class either. All you need is a good beat, and you are good to go. You can also look up fun YouTube dancing videos for free that will help you tone your body.

The most difficult part about dancing your way to a healthier lifestyle is finding your favourite music genre to dance to. The rest is so fun, you’ll surprise yourself at how much you enjoy it.

Clean away the calories

Okay okay, this one might sound a little crazy, but just hear us out. When you spend time cleaning you are actually burning a number of calories. This means that when you are busy organising your space, you aren’t just working towards a clean space but a more toned body.

To help keep you going, we suggest listening to music or a podcast whilst cleaning. Not only will it help you stay motivated in terms of cleaning but it might just get you dancing too!

Get competitive

Yes, playing fun board games is always a staple at every games night, but why not amp it up a little? Make your games night even more interactive by bringing back some good old childhood games that get you moving a little.

Why not try hopping around in a potato sack race or even a game of Twister or even charades? Without even trying you will immediately be burning calories the more you get moving.

Park a little further in the parking lot

This one is a random one, but it really will make all the difference in terms of getting your daily steps in. Yes, parking closer to the entrance of the mall is a lot more convenient but it will not help you reach a healthier lifestyle.

Every single step counts which is why you are going to try and part at the far end of the parking lot. So, skip fighting for the nearest parking spot with a fellow driver and just head to the end where we’re sure you’ll find plenty of parking!

Take it one step at a time

If you haven’t already noticed, you will see that we are trying to encourage as much walking as possible, which is why you are no longer taking an escalator or elevator. Instead, find the nearest flight of stairs and use them instead.

The best part is that while you may feel a little winded at first, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. In fact, taking the stairs might very well become routine in just a few weeks!

Fidget your way to better health

If you are prone to fidgeting, then lean into it. Tapping your leg or twitching your arm, taking laps around the room while you are on the phone are great ways to burn calories. This means that your body is moving which is exactly what we want!

The best part is that you don’t need any equipment. Just add these movements to your work routines and watch the weight melt away.

Baskets over trolleys

Okay given that you aren’t exactly doing a full grocery shopping session, we suggest opting for a basket over the trolley. Carrying around the basket whilst moving through each of the isles is a great workout!

The more you fill your basket, the better. Try to alternate hands and maybe even walk down one extra aisle and you will be a few steps closer to meeting your goals.

Secure health insurance

You might be wondering how health insurance is going to help you lose weight. Well, we totally get it, but it will all make sense in just 30 seconds.

See health insurance is one of the best ways to ensure that you are on the right track with your health journey. From regular health checkups, specialists visits and more, you can gain access to the top healthcare professionals who will help keep you active and healthy.

Better yet, you won’t have an excuse not to go and see these professionals as our team will cover the costs for you!

Remember that your body was designed to move, so commit to giving it what it needs by adding these examples into your daily routine. Your body and mind will forever be grateful.


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