Preventative healthcare and the role that health insurance plays


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Preventative Healthcare and Insurance

The saying prevention is better than cure couldn’t be more accurate. There are some things you can do to focus on preventative healthcare. Hint: health insurance plays a super important role!

You’re probably thinking that you’re healthy with no health issues so why should you worry about preventative healthcare? Well, the truth is, you may be healthy and happy now but you don’t know if that could change at any given time.

You’re never too young or “too healthy” to take preventative care seriously and here’s why.

What is preventative healthcare?

Preventative healthcare is literally what it sounds like. It’s the prevention of illness to decrease the risk of getting a disease or developing a condition. 

Preventative measures can be taken at any stage of your life and even along a disease spectrum to prevent the disease from getting worse. 

Just a few preventative measures that you can take are;

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Why is preventative healthcare important?

Preventative healthcare is so important to reduce your risk of disease, disability or even untimely death.

Many people who are healthy feel that they don’t want to waste time or money on preventative healthcare when in actuality, it will save you time and money in the long run.

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Here's why you absolutely need to practice preventive health care;

The benefits of preventative healthcare

Increase your lifespan

By being preventative, you can drastically increase your lifespan because you can catch any conditions or illnesses early and treat them before there’s little left that you can do.

Some preventative measures also give you everything you need to stop some illnesses from occurring (like a flu shot for example).

Spend less money over time

It may seem like a waste of money to spend money on preventative measures when you’re healthy but trust us, spending money now and making sure you stay healthy is cheaper than the bills you would face if an illness becomes serious.

When you catch a condition early enough, your treatment may end up being cheaper too.

Prevent infections

Making sure that you stay up to date with your vaccinations means that you can prevent infections like the flu, measles, mumps, diphtheria and other harmful viruses.

When you’re thinking ahead, you don’t have to suffer from something that could have been avoided.

Live a better quality of life

By focusing on preventative care, you’ll live a better quality of life. You’ll feel good physically and mentally to take on the day and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ve got nothing to worry about when it comes to your health.

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The role that health insurance plays

We briefly mentioned that there are costs involved when it comes to preventative care but here’s the thing - health insurance can help.

Depending on the health cover you have, your health insurance can cover many of the screenings, doctor’s visits and vaccinations so now you really have no excuse!

With Oneplan, we put your healthcare first and do everything we can to make sure that you’re healthy and happy!

Oneplan also makes sure that getting preventative healthcare is as easy as 1,2,3. Some ways we do this is;

  1. We pay you BEFORE you see your doctor - you don’t need to pay out of pocket
  2. We have an easy to use app that does all the work for you - Our Oneplan App allows you to seamlessly claim, access your policy and find the answers to any insurance-related questions, all from the palm of your hand
  3. We offer amazing cover for routine and day-to-day care  (preventative care sounding a little more accessible now?)
  4. You get to stick with the doctor you know and trust - We don’t limit you to a specified network of doctors, you can choose your own doctor which means that you don’t have to worry about a stranger assisting you with your preventative healthcare

These are just a few ways we make preventative care simple with our healthcare policies. But you can take a look at our policies or reach out to us to find out more.


Take care of yourselves and schedule those health checks!


Yours in health insurance that cares,


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