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Oneplan The One

There are so many incredible reasons why Oneplan is one of the top pet insurers in the country and this blog proves why we’re at the top of the pet league.

If there is one thing that you need to know about Oneplan, it is that we are by no means your average pet insurers. See, we have never been ones to stick to the rules of the insurance game. Instead, we create our own rules and our one(plan) way of doing things. Not only is our way of doing things focused on looking at cases of your four-legged friend holistically but we protect you too by helping you safeguard your finances.

Making both you and your fur friend our top priority? Oh, that is just the very beginning of our benefits. If you like what you see now, keep going and prepare to be impressed.

Why we are the Oneplan (and only plan) for your pet

We will cover your pet for life

Yes, you read that correctly. We do not stop covering your pet just because they are getting older. We embrace the natural ageing of your pet, which means from the moment you take out a policy, we will cover your insured pet even when it passes the age limits for the relevant plan. That way you do not have to worry that they will lose their access to top veterinarians as they get older.

You can go to any vet of your choosing

Once again, this is a much-loved benefit from our Oneplan team. Unlike most pet insurers who oftentimes keep you only seeing vets within their own network, our team lets you choose. You have the freedom of choice where you can decide on the best vet for your fur family.

Get money in your pocket before you go to the vet

How many times have you put off taking your pet to the vet because you didn’t have the funds at that very moment when you needed them most? So, now your pet had to wait while you waited for your month-end paycheque? Well, that ends today. We will happily load funds onto your Onecard (this is like your own personal debit card) before you head to see your vet for these minor visits. That way you don’t have to stress about that bill.

We love ALL pets

If you have been doing your research on the pet insurance industry, you would have noticed that many pet breeds are excluded. This is because certain pet breeds are more susceptible to chronic or hereditary illnesses, and as such, will not be covered.

That being said, this is where we once again prove that we aren’t your average pet insurer. This is because we don’t discriminate based on breed. We welcome them all and will cover them all with the same level of high care and attention to detail.

Pet insurance lingo made easy

One of the biggest complaints about pet insurance is that it’s hard to understand. It is still a pretty new concept to many families, which means you will all need a proper, easy breakdown of what it entails.

Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you won’t need a dictionary to decode our policies. We’ve stuck to simple English and shorter sentences to ensure that you fully understand everything. Better yet, our team is always on standby to help explain anything that you are unclear about.

Our pet policies are affordable

Are you skipping out on a comprehensive pet policy because you believe that the costs will be too high? If you believe this, then you have yet to see our pet policies because the pricing will genuinely shock you.

We have crunched the numbers, studied the markets and assessed the average income of a South African household to ensure that we keep our pet premiums nice and low. That way you can protect your pet without breaking the bank.

We’ve got a Pet Wellness Tracker

When we said that we really care about offering you holistic care, we really mean it and this next benefit is proof of it. We recently launched our wellness tracker which allows you to keep tabs on pets' health from the palm of your hand.

The Wellness Wheel moves through your individual pet’s life stages and changes according to their age and needs. You will also be able to read reputable pet and animal resources, get reminders about routine care and book a vet through the Locate a Vet feature.

Pre-existing conditions are covered

So, it turns out that all of the times that you heard that pet insurers didn’t cover pre-existing conditions, you were naturally unaware of Oneplan. We truly are pet people which is why we have ensured that we are able to cover a range of pre-existing conditions that your pet may have, once your waiting period is over.

The easiest claims system EVER

Not only do we seriously have one of the easiest claims processes on the market (we don’t believe it should be a hassle to get your money back) we also have some unique approaches to pet claiming. With our relationships with current and growing participating practices, pre-authorisations to submit claims directly by the vet is possible to make the process easier and faster.


When it comes to deciding on the best pet insurer for your fur friends, it is important that you aren’t just subscribing to ‘industry norms’. You deserve well-catered care and exceptional benefits. Thankfully you can get all of this and more with Oneplan when you sign up today!


Yours in rebellious (but cuddle-worthy) pet insurance,


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