Why it’s important to go through your car insurance policy - plus how Oneplan makes it easy


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Go Through Insurance Policy

Your car insurance policy can seem like it’s written in another language sometimes. More often than not, we skip through most of the important information and simply agree to everything. This isn’t always the best idea, let us explain why.

Your car insurance policy can often seem to be approximately 1378 pages long and written in gibberish. This means many of us simply skim through the policy and agree to everything without completely understanding it.

Not completely understanding your policy can lead to frustration when it comes time to make a claim and what you expected to be covered for, you’re not.

This is one of the reasons why you need to go through your policy properly, let’s dive into this a little deeper.

Why you should go through your car insurance policy

You’ve just signed on the dotted line so why would you go over your policy?

It may sound silly but it’s such a great idea so that you understand what you’re covered for.

Understand your benefits

There are many benefits to insurance with Oneplan that you may not even realise if you haven’t taken a closer look at your policy. You could be missing out on ways you can save money with your car insurance.

Did you know that with us, you get to choose your excess? Yup, this is one of the best ways that you get to manage your budget and your own policy.

Choosing your excess amount is completely dependent on you, your needs and your lifestyle.

Some people enjoy higher excess payments because it allows them lower premiums and saves them money in the here and now. While other people prefer to have higher premiums because they know they may not be able to pay their excess in the event of an emergency, which saves them money later. 

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Terms and conditions explained

Sometimes the terms and conditions hold the most important information but they’re so small or so long that we must move along swiftly. 

In some cases, insurers make sneaky T & Cs so they can benefit themselves more than they benefit you (we are most certainly not one of those insurers).

It outlines your policy details and your personal details

Your policy outlines all your personal details and it is important to make sure these personal details are correct so that your insurance policy is valid and up to date. 

Your policy is also a great place to find all the information regarding your excess, your monthly premium and what type of cover you have - comprehensive or third-party.

If you’re with Oneplan, you don’t have to worry though because all of our policies are comprehensive. This means you are covered for accidents, theft, fire, damages AND third-party costs. You can even claim for services and routine maintenance.

Understand the duration of your plan

Take a look at your policy to ensure you know when the policy commences and for how long. It is important to know if your policy will lapse after a certain period of time.

How to make a claim is explained

Your policy will also outline how to make a claim which is an important process to understand before you actually need to make the claim.

The last thing you want to worry about in a stressful situation is how to make a claim. You need assistance as quickly as possible so make sure you understand the process beforehand.

The beauty of having car insurance with Oneplan is that our claiming process really is so simple. We understand that you have better things to do than going through a bunch of paperwork which is why you can easily make a claim using the Oneplan App. 

Simply fill in a few details and take a couple of photos of your vehicle, upload it all to the app and we’ll handle the rest. 

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How Oneplan makes understanding your policy a breeze

As we’ve mentioned, we know you’re busy and we understand that your insurance policy is the last thing you need to worry about. All you need to know is that you’re covered when you need it.

That’s why we’ve taken the time and made a conscious effort to ensure our policies are easy to understand without any unnecessary insurance jargon. Our policies are straightforward and concise so that you can easily find the information you need without trying to decipher a different language and make sense of any nasty terms and conditions.

We also pride ourselves on being completely transparent so you won’t have to worry about those nasty and complicated T & Cs. Everything is explained as simply as possible.

Your insurance policy is important and it’s vital that you give it a little read through every now and then to make sure it’s still up to date and that it still serves your needs.


Yours in simple yet comprehensive car insurance,


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