What the (Healthy) Heart Wants: Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas


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Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

The heart wants what it wants and what it really wants is for you to read this blog before Valentine’s Day for a happy and healthy day!

Do you remember the popular saying ‘sharing is caring’? Well, don’t be stingy with your love, because there is definitely enough to go around, which is why we’re helping you plan the perfect date night that will make your loved ones AND both your hearts feel oh-so-very happy and healthy.

Our top healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas

Idea #1: For the perfect Galentine's Day

Grab all your best gal pals, get your best love-themed playlist going and let’s get the party started this Galentine's Day! To help you get the festivities going we thought we’d grant you access to the best-kept secrets of hosting a happy and healthy party.

Become the hostess with the mostest by grabbing the fondue pot and switching out the high-calorie milk chocolate for a rich and decadent dark chocolate sauce instead. Cut up some of your favourite fresh fruits and enjoy!

To keep on theme with loving your besties and your heart health, try to skip the overly sugary cocktails and fruit juice blends. Instead opt for fun seltzers, white wine spritzers or champagne. These options have fewer calories and sugar which means you can still satisfy your sweet tooth – without increasing your risk of heart disease.

Idea #2: A Family Fun-Day

Are you thinking of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your family? If you are, then we have the perfect day planned for you. Don’t bother calling your local pizza spot for lunch because the best memories are made when you all cook together.

Instead, grab the rolling pin and pizza dough and make your own heart-shaped pizzas! Not only is this a great way for you to all bond but it’s also a much healthier option too. Create a homemade pizza sauce, cut up tons of fresh veggies and indulge. Perhaps you could even try a cauliflower pizza crust this year – they’re delicious and so healthy!

Oh, but don’t worry because we haven’t forgotten about dessert. Instead of raiding your sweets cabinet why not just make your own sweet treats? Why not make healthier heart-shaped Rice Krispy treats. Now, these aren’t exactly the healthiest dessert but everything in moderation, right?

Idea #3: A Date Night with your special person

Alright love birds, we have exactly what you need to treat your significant other to the perfect night. Now you will most likely want to go and spoil each other at one of your favourite restaurants so here’s how to keep the love (and health) going strong on your date night.

Start by splitting an appetiser. Not only does this mean half the calories but there is something incredibly romantic about sharing a meal with someone.

For the mains, try meals that are very low on carbohydrates. Avoid heavy meals like pasta or potatoes as they may be deliciously indulgent, but they will quickly have you feeling like you’ve gone overboard. Lighter meals that include lean meats and salad will also give you a great boost of energy, so you don’t feel sluggish straight after mains.

To drink, we definitely suggest getting a bottle of your favourite red wine. Not only does it pair great with lots of dishes, but red wine also boasts anti-inflammatory properties and great cardio-protective effects too.

Your checklist for a hearty, healthy Valentine’s Day

Regardless of whether you are spending the day of love with your friends, significant other or family, the aim is to keep things healthy. Your heart works best when it is also showered in love, so protect it too this Valentine’s Day. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep away from canned or overly processed food and choose fresh produce instead.
  2. Get into the habit of opting for healthier alternatives to all of your favourite meals like flourless desserts, and whole wheat options.
  3. Keep an eye out for sauces and dressings as they are loaded with salts and sugars. Instead try lemon juice, herbs and olive oil.
  4. Reduce the amount of salt you use when eating. Add it when you’re cooking but try to keep it off the dinner table.

The key to anyone’s heart is through (healthy) food. So, serve up dishes that are filled with love, heart and good health and you are guaranteed to have the best Valentine’s Day yet!


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