Does Oneplan pet insurance cover hospital admissions?


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Pet insurance cover hospital admissions

We absolutely do - and here’s why it matters for you and your pet.

You’re a great pet parent and because of that, you know your furry friend may need to be admitted into the hospital one day.

Let’s face it, bad things happen. But here’s the catch: bad things don’t have to break your bank account when the unexpected happens.

And that’s what pet insurance is: preparation for you and your pet when the rainy days come along.

Why does my pet need hospital care?

When something goes awry, you want to know that your pet is receiving the absolute best health care available. 

The extensive studies and research conducted by animal medical professionals mean that there are never-ending options for saving your pets life. When your pet goes into hospital, these are the people you want on your team.

Without proper and timely medical attention, your pet could end up losing their life or living an uncomfortable, unhealthy life - which is the last thing you (and us) want.

The cost of pet hospital admission

You’ll understand why hospital admission cover is so important when you understand how much it will cost you. 

At the end of the day, it all depends on what your pet is going in for, how long they need to stay and what kind of surgeries are being performed. Some stays will be vastly more expensive than others. Costs can rise very quickly as vets find new issues or need to run more preventative tests. 

The truth is, pet hospital bills aren’t so far from human hospital bills: scarily high if you don’t have insurance. 

Let’s say your dog breaks their leg - that break alone could cost you R15 000. Or let’s say your dog swallows something they shouldn’t have, like a small piece of plastic or a sneaky mouse in the garden. You would then possibly need to book your dog in for a surgery or hospital treatment which could cost you anywhere between R12 000 and R20 000.

 One last one before you stop reading from fear alone (we promise there is a silver lining): imagine your pet is hit by a car. Depending on the damage and treatment plan, you could be looking at a whopping R40 000 vet bill.

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The deposit

You have to take all of this into consideration, PLUS your deposit. The deposit amount needs to be paid before your pet can step a paw into the hospital, which is completely unaffordable to most people at a last minute’s notice.

In most cases, you’ll be expected to pay 50% of the cost before your pet can be treated. At most practices this is the standard procedure before they proceed with the treatment.

Oneplan helps you get this deposit over the line as quickly as possible for authorised hospital claims so your pet can get into the hospital ASAP. When you claim, you and your vet can opt that Oneplan pays the vet directly instead of the money going through you first.

Discover: how Oneplan pays you before you see the vet.

Economic euthanasia

 What are your options if you can’t pay? We don’t like to bring this up because it makes us sad, but it’s important you know what you’re in for without pet insurance.

Economic euthanasia is the process of putting your pet down because you can’t afford the surgery or treatment that would make them better. We really don’t like seeing people backed into a corner, which is why we will always advocate for pet owners to join a pet insurance policy that cares.

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Which plans cover hospital admissions? 

All four of our plans cover hospital admissions!

  1. Accident Plan
  2. Hospital Plan
  3. Classic Plan
  4. Super Plan 

The only difference is that the Accident Plan will only cover accident-related hospital admissions. The other four will cover you for both accidents and illnesses, so you know your four-legged friend is covered no matter what happens.

Claiming made easy

We know how stressful it is to have to admit your pet to the hospital, and just how daunting all the insurance admin can seem when you just want to focus on your pet. 

So, we let you focus on your pet. Whilst you’re in your car, in the kitchen or in the waiting room, you can claim for your pet’s visit straight from your smartphone using the Oneplan App.

Check out this helpful blog on the exact process to follow when claiming for pet emergencies.


Yours in tail-wag-worthy pet insurance, 


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